February 28, 2012

..Work Style

The deets: J.Crew Factory skirt and shirt; Ivanka Trump pumps; eBay necklace.

I got a few compliments at work when I wore this outfit so I did what anyone would do and put it on the internet (duh).  Pockets make me happy because they make picture taking much less awkward by providing my hands with something to do.  I know it's probably really hard to tell, but I am not a natural in front of the camera (and I pray you sense the sarcasm in that statement).

..Mary Kay Lip Gloss

So I guess I am just one lucky girl this past month because I won another makeup giveaway!  The lovely Justyn of Thoughts By a Petite Brunette hooked me up with this Mary Kay NoriShine Plus lip gloss set of SIX people!  The colors are so lovely with just the tiniest bit of sparkle, the gloss isn't too sticky, and the packaging is out of this world (check out the little "diamonds" on the bottoms!).  I am actually wearing the purple shade "Berry Tarte" in yesterdays post but the "Pink Luster" is my favorite.  Thanks a milli, Justyn!  You guys should definitely check out her blog :)

February 26, 2012

..70's Style

The deets: BLVD dress; J.Crew tights; ShoeMint booties; David Yurman heart necklace.

I have always been a big fan of teased hair (must be the Jersey in me) but recently I have been full on embracing all things 70's.  The big hair, loose sleeves, platforms, the whole sha-bang.  It's fun to tap into different trends and see how you vibe with them.  I felt like I was some 70's bond girl all day and it was awesome totally groovy.

February 24, 2012

..Polka Dotted Midi-Skirts

Just a little something I found whilst perusing the Internets for sweet online deals.  Just thought my blog family might be interested since you guys are also fabulous bargainistas.

Hooray for the weekend! Yipeeeeeee!

February 22, 2012

..Wild Things

The deets: J.Crew blouse and skirt; Banana Republic bib necklace; GAP heels.

Sometimes you just have to wear your cheetah print proudly.  Even if your boyfriend thinks you look like a crazy old lady from the 80's...I just don't care because I'm feelin' FER-OSH (insert cat-claw hand gesture here).  The spring time feeling is just around the corner, I have on my cat lady blouse and the biggest piece of jewelry I own which when combined together makes for one happy Erin.  Bring on the day! BRING IT.

February 21, 2012

..All My Fellow Essie Addicts

To all my girls out there who are also closet nail polish hoarders...I am about to be the worst enabler ever so if you were looking to get your love affair with bright colored finger tips under control, look away now.

I found a website that sells Essie polish for around 4 dollars each.  That is a huge deal peeps!  As in half off the original price!  They even throw in free shipping for orders over 50 dollars so I gave in to my obsession big time and sprung for it.  Meet my new shades (guess I have a thing for pink & greens..).  Happy humpday!

"Blushing Bride"
"Lovie Dovie"
"Cute as a Button"
"Lapis of Luxury"
"Navigate Her"
"Mint Candy Apple"
"Turquoise and Caicos"
"California Coral"
"No Boundaries"

February 20, 2012

..Pretty Little Things for Pretty Little Prices

 The deets: Ruche dress; J.Crew cardi; Kelsi Dagger pumps.

I know I'm probably pretty late to the game, but I just recently came out from the rock I was living under and discovered Ruche (and have quickly become obsessed with it).  It has all the charm of a fancy pants vintage inspired boutique but at a fraction of the cost.  Seen here is quite possibly the cutest dress ever made.  I got it for a whopping 39 dollars!  You guys have to check it out if you're "ballin' on a budget" like myself.

February 18, 2012

..Sock Buns

February 17, 2012

..Friday Favorite: Stila

I was super lucky to have won all this awesome loot via a giveaway  hosted by the lovely Shanna of "Beacuse Shanna Said So."  Her blog is really adorable and fun so definitely check it out if you have the chance, shes just the sweetest thing with lots of style.

My winnings consisted of the following items:

1. Stila Eyeshadow Trio - Ethereal
2. Stila Convertible Color - Gerbera
3. Stila Custom Color Blush - Coral
4. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner - Blue Ribbon
5. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner - Purple Tang

I have to tell you that my favorite of them all was the self adjusting blush.  Its peachy-pinky-perfection.  It gets my stamp of approval and has made it into a highly coveted spot in my everyday makeup organizer (that is like a REALLY big deal around here).  Happy Friday!

February 14, 2012

..Date Night

 The deets: Susan Monaco Dress; David Yurman heart necklace (gift); Shoemint booties; South Moon Under clutch;

Hey peeps.  This is the very short, very pink, very bright number that I wore for my Valentines Day dinner with Mike.  These shoes are probably the tallest heels I have ever owned, it was awesome being like 5'8.  I felt like part of the tall girl club for a few hours, it was glorious.  Oh and Mike bought me pretty flowers and wanted me to come home to them all set up but we (being the very fancy people that we are) don't own a vase so he made his own with an OJ bottle.  If that isn't love, I just don't know what is.

For everyone who asked yesterday this is the same lipstick seen here.  It is Lancome's new "Rouge in Love" collection number 377 ("Midnight Rose"), and let me tell ya I AM in love with it!

February 13, 2012

..Valentine's Week Favorites

{Heart shaped jewelery and red tops}

{Conversation hearts with a new twist}
{new favorite pink shade of lipstick}
{goodie bags c/o my lobby complete with a bow and themed pencil}
{pink and red M+M's}

February 12, 2012

..Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

So I guess I'm that crazy chick that gets really into the holidays, even the small ones.  That's why when I saw these floating around Pinterest I knew I had to make them.  They are just so cute and who doesn't like cheesecake?  Seriously, if you don't think conversation heart shaped mini cheesecakes are the bomb then we probably can't be friends (just kidding I would eventually forgive you).  A bit time consuming with all the dying but what else does a 25 year old girl have better to do with her time on the weekends, right?  Recipe found here.

February 10, 2012

..Friday Favorite: Product Picks

I figured I'd share some of my favorite basic items with you guys because someone asked how I keep my hair so healthy (which was super duper sweet of her since I think my hair looks like donkey booty most days).  I'm sure there will be tons more to come but for now here are just s few.

Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo & Conditioner (1+2):  I bought this shampoo/conditioner combo on a whim one day while I was at my local CVS.  I wanted to try something different that wouldn't cost me too much (some of those fancy pants shampoos are just LUDICROUS I tell you).  I was so very pleasantly surprised. I always keep it around and it's hands down the favorite in my rotation. Silky light and clean, just the way I like it.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturizer (3+4):  This little duo (although each would be wonderful in your routine on their own) is just life changing.  Every morning I wake up and wonder how I lived before they came into my life.  The perfect primer keeps all my anti aging products doing their thang by creating a tiny barrier between them and my makeup like a little soldier...keeping them in line and making sure they do their job.  It also makes your skin the perfect texture for foundation application.   The tinted moisturizer doesn't really need any explaining, it's basically more famous than Lady Gaga.  I always wondered why everyone was so obsessed with it, and now that I have drank the kool-aid myself, I know.  Just the right amount of coverage and absolutely undetectable on your skin.  Feels like heaven!

February 8, 2012

..Blinding Pencil Skirts

 The deets: J.Crew blouse; J.Crew Factory skirt and belt; Gap tights; BR boots; (unknown necklace).

Meet my crazy bright yellow-green pencil skirt.  It's super loud and makes me feel more like myself around the office (as in..hey peeps check me and the little bit of sunshine I have trapped onto my booty to blind you through out the work day..muahahaha).  Thank you so  much for all your awesome tips & suggestions yesterday, they made me feel extra confident about my bright new purchase.  I was a tad unsure but almost all of your lovely comments mentioned incorporating one colorful item or accessory so I guess I'm on the right track.
Oh, and thank heavens for sock buns (seen below..please excuse the early morning squinty sour puss face)  they might be the best invention of all time. All. Time. Perfect for I'm too lazy to get out of bed and would rather hit the snooze button then have clean hair days didn't have time to wash my hair days! Tutorial to come soon.

February 7, 2012

..A Question for the Workin' Girls

The deets: J.Crew Factory shirt; J.Crew pencil skirt; Target shoes, Necklace (unknown).

I have a question for all the workin' ladies out there who have conservative 9-5 jobs like I do.  How do you incorporate fun colors and parts of your personal style into your looks for work?  I really struggle with carrying over what I like in real life vs. what I think I should look like at my job and most days end up feeling craptastic because I hate what a mess I have made trying to merge the two.  I need tips ladies!  I spend so much time there I should at least like what I am wearing, right? Any specific stores, blogs, magazines you go to for inspiration?  Advice (desperately) wanted.

February 6, 2012

..Bright Green & Leopard

The deets:  Banana Republic T; J.Crew jeans; Ivanka Trump heels; South Moon Under clutch  Revon "Love that Pink" lipstick.

A few months ago I saw a J.Crew add where the model was wearing green pants and a leopard print top (a.k.a. a lot classier than this look).  Ever since then I have been sort of obsessed with the color combo.  Kinda cray.. I know but it's also fun!  And I'm also single handedly bringing the name-plate necklace back (holla, Carrie!).  It seems so Jersey girl and fitting for my loud outfit, right?


..Super Bowl Cupcakes

I hope you guys had a great time watching the game yesterday, I know I did (Yay Giants!).  Mike and I had a couple people over to watch and I made a big pot of chili and these cupcakes (I know, I know, it's overkill.. but I don't care, look at how CUTE they are).  Just vanilla cake, cream cheese frosting (dyed green)  white chocolate goal posts, and Oreo truffles (recipe herethat I shaped into footballs as best I could and used the leftover white chocolate to make laces.  Time consuming but so worth it.

February 3, 2012

..Friday Favorite: Buffalo Chicken Soup

Want to be the person who brings the best dish to the Super Bowl party you're attending this weekend?  Then make this soup.   Oh and hold onto your socks, because this recipe will knock them right off your feet.  Its like that delicious buffalo chicken dip that everyone loves but BETTER! (yes, I said its better).  I stole the recipe from my friend Katie (isn't she too cute?) after she made it for a Sunday-Funday because it haunted me in my dreams.  Warm, cheesey, spicey, chicken-y goodness comin' at ya.  Best served with Fritos or tortilla chips for dipping (or using as your little spoons for the entire bowl....).


2-2 ½ cups cooked diced chicken  (I cheated by just getting a roaster from the store and pulled all the meat off to throw in)
1 large onion, 4 celery stalks, 2 large potatoes
¼ cup butter
½ cup flour       
1 ½ cups milk
2 - 14 ½ ozcans chicken broth
1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
8 oz Velveeta
2 cans whole kernel corn (I found an awesome southwestern flavored corn that was perfect)
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp cayenne pepper

Slow Cooker Directions
Now the real directions tell you to mix togetherin a crock pot and cook for 6-7 hours or cook on stove low heat for 2-3hours stirring occasionally, but if you don't have that kind of time (or if you are very impatient like me) there is a way to make it faster.

Expedited Directions (about 30 minutes)
1. Chop up your potatoes and put a pot of water on to boil.  Boil your potato chunks for 10 minutes then strain and set aside.
2. While you are waiting for the potatoes to boil, melt butter in the bottom of the soup pot you are using, saute onion, garlic, and celery inside the pot for a few minutes to create tenderness then add flour to the veggies and mix around.  
3. Add chicken broth, milk, hot sauce, and corn to the veggies in the pot.
4. Let that simmer for a few minutes on its own and then add Velveeta, garlic salt, cayenne, potatoes, and chicken.
5. Simmer everything together for 15 more minutes and you are good to go.