November 29, 2012

..This is Why I'm Broke

Don't know what to get for the little weirdo in your life this year?  No worries, I've got you covered.  While at home during the Thanksgiving break, my little (but adult) bro compulsively checked out the site This Is Why I'm Broke which seemed be a source of endless entertainment for him, and since his laugh is one of the most contagious ones I've ever been exposed to, also provided endless entertainment for me.  From the 90's old school Nintendo connoisseur, to the zombie obsessed, this site has what your looking for when you just can't seem to figure out what to get that little freak.  Some items will cost you quite a pretty penny (a life-size T-Rex sculpture will run you about 33k) but there's also tons of affordable stuff.  Some of my picks above include the game-boy iPhone case, kitty cat scratching turn table, and the baby stache-binky.  Below are some more gifts that I find pretty awesome/hilarious. Pool pong?  Yes.  Hogwarts Snuggie? I challenge you to list one person who doesn't wish they went there.  Ice-cream lock?  I can't think of a more useful gadget as I live with a sweets ravenous boyfriend.  Secret door book shelf?  Enough said.  Check it out.

November 28, 2012

..Christmas Season Bucket Lists

Just thought I'd share my annual Christmas Season Bucket List with you guys again since I did last year.  I sort of turn into the crazy Target Christmas lady around this time so I apologize in advance if you get inundated with holiday awesomeness on this blog.  I would love to hear what's on your holiday lists! Cheers!
Christmas Season Bucket List 2012

November 26, 2012

..Shrimp Taco Night

Okay, is it time to stop talking about turkey yet? Yes? Good.  Let's move on to shrimp. Delicious up your taco night with this little switcheroo and you won't be sorry.  Super simple.  Buy one pound of fresh shrimp (clean/deveined/unshelled) and chop up into little pieces.  Saute with a little olive oil, 1/2 cup chopped onion, and a packet of taco seasoning until cooked through.  Serve with whatever toppings suit your fancy.  I like to keep it simple with black beans, avacado, and cheese and I ate mine over lettuce but Mike opted for the standard hard taco shell.  Easy way to mix it up! 

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I enjoyed every second of mine with my family and friends.

Shrimp tacos1

November 19, 2012


The deets: J.Crew dress (still available here); Ivanka Trump heels; necklace c/o Trend Snag; Urban sunnies; LOFT clutch (old); Revlon "Certainly Red" lipstick; Andrew Marc New York coat; OPI "The Thrill of Brazil" nails.

This is what I wore to my last wedding of the year this past weekend, which was probably the most gorgeous November day I have ever experienced.  Everyone in the wedding looked beutiful, the bride and groom were bursting with happiness, the decor was to die for (sequined tablecloth's?!), we danced our booties off slash ate our faces off, and engaged in all around good time having. 

I will be making the trip up to NJ for the rest of the week tomorrow morning and I am taking the rest of the week off from blogging to focus on time with my family (and maaaybe a little black friday shopping :).  I hope you all enjoy the holiday and stay mindful of all the things you have to be thankful for.  My list includes friends, family, adorable fluffy pets; scruffy Movember bearded boyfriends (isn't he so handsome?); high heels; and baked confections.  Let the Holiday season commence!

November 16, 2012

..Fair Isle

Fair Isle

These cozy items are making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside by just looking at them.  I can  envision adroable ice-skating dates, sipping hot cocoa by a fire, or hanging out in some posh ski lodge bundled up in them (hint hint, Mike).  Take me to fair isle island please!

Also - Congrats to Natalie P. for winning the Trend Snag giveaway!

November 15, 2012

..Nomaterra Fragrances

I just stumbled across the most fun new way to rep your city - Nomaterra perfumes.  That's right, a fragrance!  The company makes signature scents based on real staples from that city.  D.C.'s got hints of cherry blossom yet is pretty androgynous and sophisticated.  Miami is sweet with the note of grapefruit coming through, and I haven't quite been able to pin point what it is about East Hampton but it's classy and light.  They hand make these babies in small batches up in Brooklyn with ingredients from all over the world.  They even make little on the go wipes which is such a great idea! I wish all perfumes had this option.  I know I might be a bit biased but Washington, DC is my favorite of the three I've sampled.  While I did receive these as a courtesy from the company, I would not have posted about them if I didn't think this idea was totally awesome and actually enjoyed the scents.  A full size bottle will run you upwards of $110 buck-o-roonies but it's totally worth it just for the fun factor when someones asks what you're wearing to reply "oh, that?  It's Washington, D.C., bitches!"

November 13, 2012

..Pink & Polkas

The deets: J.Crew skirt (old but this one is similar); J.Crew Factory top; Kelsi Dagger heels; Purple Paparazzi white bracelet (c/o); David Yurman necklace; Tiffany silver bracelet.

This top is confusing. It's got all the shapely qualities of a conservative work blouse...but then it goes all neon pink on you. Obviously I was drawn to it like a moth to the flame and decided to make it even more obnoxious by pairing it with my polka-dotted pencil skirt. Office clown? Maybe. Brightest person at the team meeting? Definitely :)

Also - Don't forget to enter the bubble necklace giveaway here!

óÏ#ÖóéBJ¥)å)KõDѳnVFÝ¿¼Àÿ¦Ý«9chĪÞL)óç·ýþ®Ò¨zÓHl~áj×/É2Lõó¦ÿ¯ OµF'"5|úËJ±çÕÓÜ:¦-ò<~bíùqû¹2?JGhO*7f|} <ÍÍÿ\kнêÉ[Ü-Gʾk±-½@_³ítý÷5±G+¯«åìÝ.<°§þxóûôå¬r¸Åb9ÉGû:²\H­ç6ÉjÐÓ&[»Ôå0غù,9@1ß{úÑjU4´ùàLTü³#U?ÃÐóíN·ÞEY#woßÏ>Y?ôÇÔõ­ÈrÊRöfO-ʸ³,±G³hÇ\ÿϳY÷7²]4æUùHý

November 12, 2012

..A Switch to Practical

The deets: Macy's blouse; No Nonsense leggings (c/o); Frye boots; Gigee Marie clutch; Michael Kors watch; ASOS and South Moon Under bracelets; Purple Paparazzi red bracelet (c/o); Revlon "Certainly Red" lipstick.

As someone who is notorious for wearing the highest impractical painful heels to a dance party and ending up carrying them home at the end of the night, this outfit is a change up for me.  It is probably the most comfortable getup I've ever gone out to a bar in.  A flowy shirt to hide the belly full of beer, leggings with stretch that feel like cozy work out clothes and flat boots that make for easy dancing into the early morning hours of the night.  Love it.


November 8, 2012

Trend Snag Bubble Necklace Giveaway! (Closed)

So you now may be wondering, what is Trend Snag anyway?

Well, I'm glad you asked (or didn't ask).  It's a Facebook-based auctioneer of pretty awesome jewelry.  How does it work?  

1. Just “Like” the Trend Snag Facebook page and register. Then you look out for jewelry & accessories on the Facebook page Monday and Thursday evenings at 8pm.  Photos of the items are posted with price and description.
2. As auction items are posted, comment “snag” on items you will like to own. You have to be quick as quantity is always limited and first ‘snaggers’ win.
3. Pay your invoice and receive your ‘snagged’ items in the mail.

They JUST launched and in celebration they are also giving away a personalized monogrammed necklace every day for 30 days! Cray.

If you want to win a bubble necklace set (yes SET people, you get the earrings too - hooray!) like the one I'm seen wearing here and here in the color of your choice just enter below. Only two requirements! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 7, 2012

..Pumpkin Chip Bundt Cake


While Halloween is so totally last week (said in my best Cher voice), the season of pumpkin flavored everything is far from over.  Mike puts down a half gallon of pumpkin flavored eggnog every few days and while we were stuck inside during the storm I decided to whip up a favorite of mine, pumpkin-chip bundt cake.  I can't take credit for this recipe as I pillaged it from one of my besties brother's ex-girlfriends (if you are somehow reading this I hope this wasn't some secret family recipe) but I am going to share it because we didn't like you anyway it's amazeballs.

1. Cream together 4 eggs, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup vegetable oil.
2. Sift in separate bowl 3 cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon salt.
3. Combine the creamed mixture and flour mixture and beat in 1 Can (15 oz) pumpkin and 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate but semi-sweet is good too).
4. Pour in greased bundt pan and cook at 340 degrees for 60 minutes. Cover with tin foil for last 20 minutes.
5. After it has cooled completely place on plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar if you so desire.


November 6, 2012


The deets: Tobi blouse (similar); Marc New York wool jacket; GAP heels; J.Crew Factory skirt (similar).

So this happened yesterday.  Yes, I broke out my real winter coat.  Hello, November.  Hello, ghostly paleness.  Hello freezing morning walks to the metro.  I can't say I've missed you, but I am fond of your hot chocolately-nights and the spirit of the holiday's you bring.  Oh and happy Election Day.  If you still are unsure, I found this recap to be pretty entertaining. 


November 5, 2012

..Small Bright Bags

Small bright bags

Orange | Green |Pink |Navy | Red | Yellow | Purple

I'm currently craving candy colored clutches (and crushing some alliteration right there).  Try saying that five times fast.  The pink and navy are my favorites.  Is it too early to begin Christmas wish-listing?  I'm so happy that brights haven't left us yet!

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November 2, 2012

..On a Serious Note

The Jersey shore I grew up going to pre-Sandy.

It's no secret to any one of my friends that I'm a Jersey girl.  I grew up on the beaches of Monmouth County and have such great memories from my childhood spent at beach clubs and boardwalks.  My high school years were spent wearing bikinis under our clothes during finals so we could head straight to the shore after that last test, I relished the last summer at home before moving to DC after college with my sister catching rays (photo above), and annual family hangouts at Donovan's Reef beach bar, laughing at the establishment's notorious threat that it would be it's "last year" in business to get patrons to cash in each summer, which is now just a pile of wood and sand in the wake of the hurricane.

Sandy has absolutely devastated the area I grew up in.  You can see what has happened to the very street (Ocean Avenue) that I am happily driving on in the photo above in this video.  The street which is now covered in sand is no longer visible.

My family still has no power, and people are waiting in mile long lines at their local stations in hopes of procuring gasoline.  Everything is closed and hundreds of places along the shore I love will have to be torn town and rebuilt.  Please keep everyone in the NJ/NY area in your prayers and if you can, please donate to the Red Cross so we can get these businesses and homeowners back on their feet.

R.I.P. Donovan's.


The deets: H&M dress (old); thrifted jacket; necklace c/o Trend Snag; ShoeMint booties; Michael Kors watch; ASOS spike bracelet; Ray-Ban sunnies; Revlon "Love That Pink" lipstick; Piperlime clutch.

I don't know if you guys belong to or have heard of ShoeMint already yet, but I am pretty in love with the whole idea. These exact booties were selling in the Steve Madden store for $120 last season when I picked up the ShoeMint version for the flat $79.95 rate. They are actually pretty great quality shoes (real leather unlike some other shoe memberships) and are somehow always just my taste. I snagged these beauties yesterday and you can see me wearing another ShoeMint style here. Go join! 20% off your first pair. And FYI, this is a completely unsponsored post, I just love their stuff!