June 27, 2013

..Pretty Printed Dresses

..Pretty Printed Dresses

How adorable are all these pretty printed dresses?  I KNOW.  And they all ring in UNDER $35.  I might be late to the game but I just discovered Necessary Clothing and had to share with you guys. Above are some of my favorite picks but they have lots of other gems just waiting to be adopted into loving homes. Enjoy! 

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June 25, 2013



How cool is this new website Prinstagram?! It couldn't have come at a better time for me with my move and TONS of blank wall space. For about $20 (including shipping) you get 24 of your favorite insta-moments shipped right to your home. I tried to think of them in groups for frames (flowers, places, cupcakes, friends) but you can do it any old way you like. I have been especially terrible at printing out actual photos since the dawn of Facebook & Instagram so this is perfect for a lazy printer like me.  They came in just one day too! Check it out.

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June 20, 2013

..My Summertime Secret to Faking It

..My Summertime Secret to Faking a Tan

Recently I have been getting some questions and compliments on my tan and or that mysterious "glow" I have about me in recent weeks. Well folks, I am here to tell you that it's all big sham. I totally have been faking it since Memorial Day weekend and I am not ashamed of it. This chick has been scared straight out of the tanning bed. I know some of you laugh in the face of cancer and tan on, but not I. The statistics out there about tanning beds and skin melanomas are no joke and I admittedly am even MORE terrified of wrinkles - no one wants crows feet before their time. 

The problem is that being tan is like being kissed by a magical sun unicorn that makes you a whole new person. You are sexier, more confident, somehow even look thinner! So I was determined to have the best of both worlds. I have finally found a routine (I kid you not I do this three times a week at least) that really looks natural (no weird splotches or uneven fading) and is really inexpensive (both products can be found for under $10) to keep up with because I know I am sure as hell not paying for a professional spray tan once a week. I thought I'd share my secret with you because we could all use a little extra glow and a little less harmful UV rays right? And by the way, this is in no way a sponsored post. It's just my personal regimen.

1. Three times a week at night before bed I scrub my face (I use a Clarisonic but any old washcloth will do) to clear all the dead skin cells, and pat it down with a towel
2. I dry my face off and use the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Spray very liberally all over my face and neck. It is actually for your whole body but I didn't like the way it looked anywhere else so I use strictly for my face area.
3. I blow-dry (yes blow-dry) my face and neck area until there is no moisture left on me and go straight to bed.  I wake up with an airbrushed tan!
4. After my morning shower in which I have scrubbed and shaved my legs I apply the Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer to my arms, shoulders, and legs.  If you make sure you wash your hands after, it works like a CHARM.
5. I know it sounds silly, but using an extremely whitening toothpaste helps make you look tanner. Your bright smile is a nice contrast to your new shade.
6. I always use a little bronzer (NARS is my fav) before leaving the house because it really makes the whole look come together. And there you have it!

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June 19, 2013

..Pizza Grilled Cheese


This deliciousness is the result of taking three weeks to move from one apartment to another.  Half of my stuff was moved over to the new place, the other half was dumped all over frat house style still needed to be packed in the old place.  What I DID have on hand was a George Foreman grill (no utensils, actual cooking skills, or caring about calories required). I stopped at my local deli on the way home from work and grabbed sliced Boar's Head (the ONLY brand in deli meats and cheeses in my opinion) mozzarella and pepperoni "nuggets" as they were called, and sprinkled on some Italian seasoning in the middle of two heavily buttered pieces of sourdough bread. Pop in the Foreman for like two minutes, serve with hot tomato soup for dipping purposes and you have died and now reside in grilled cheese heaven. Whaddup new neighbor?!

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Pizza grilled cheese

June 18, 2013

..G.L.A.M.'s Summer Fashion Event

Attention local ladies - here's your chance to shop guilt free by helping fight child abuse! And as if you actually needed another reason, there will also be:

DC Designer Pop-Up Shops
Open Bar
Tasty Treats
Beats by DJ MIM
Fashion Presentation 

Enter to win amazing raffle prizes from Hobo, The ANDI Brand, Love Cortnie, Rachel Mulherin, and Fornash all while shopping Carnelian Boutique, Bishop Boutique, The Andi Brand, Turquoise, Enise, Drabo Gallery, and Runway on Wheels. HELL YES.

100% of all profits will be donated to Safe Shores DC.
Thursday, June 20 | 6:30-9pm
at 906 H Street NE
Washington, DC
Buy your tickets HERE. Hope to see you there!

June 17, 2013

..Birthday Girl

The deets: J.Crew dress (old); Piperlime clutch (old); Steve Madden wedges; South Moon Under earrings; Michael Kors watch; Essie "Lights" mani/pedi; Lancome "Wannabe" lipstick.

Well I had the best birthday ever. Started out with BOTTOMLESS mimosas on the outside deck right on the water at Sequoia in Georgetown. I litereally had PERFECT weather and the best friends a girl could ask for to celebrate with. After meeting a pirate and discovering the Boomerang Pirate Ship (which we HAVE to do at some point friendies), we took the party pack to Arlington where I proceeded to take many a tequila shot, then stuffed our faces with cheese fries, and decided karaoke would be the best way to end the night. Love everyone who made my day feel so very special. You know who you are and you are my world!

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June 13, 2013

..Touches of White & Gold for the Home

..Touches of Gold for the Home

I am finally moving this weekend so my brain is been in pure decorate mode. Anything and everything I am coveting this week is home themed. I have painted my living room walls "Priscilla Pink" (oh yes I did), and I'm thinking pretty touches of gold and white will make it perfectly me. (can you tell I like those colors from my blog design?) It's going to be a completely insane weekend with moving AND my birthday on Saturday which will be celebrated with best gal pals, bottomless mimosas, a hot pink dress, and lots of laughs. I will fill you all in Monday on how it somehow works out.  Have a fabulous weekend!

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June 11, 2013

..Girlish Details

The deets: J.Crew pencil; Tobi blouse (similar); Kate Spade earrings; Elizabeth and James sunnies; Steve Madden bag; Enzo Angiolini shoes.

I like to keep it simple especially at work. Usually I only allow myself one bright color at a time mixed in with neutrals but aside from that it doesn't get much more exciting.  I love this top because its such a conservative shape but still exudes my girlish personality. Hearts + bows FOREVER!

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June 10, 2013

..South Moon Under

(Photos c/o The Washingtonian by Andrew Propp)

As you all know, I've lived in the great city of Arlington for the last five years and I totally adore it. The walkable communities, the ever present "new" restaurant, the nightlife, and the people are all amazing.  Shopping? That's kind-of another story. If it weren't for this GEM of a place, me and my besties would have no where to burn that extra wardrobe cash with out getting in a car.  Lucky for us, South Moon Under has everything our little fashionista hearts could desire and then some. Last week The Washingtonian held their June Issue Lanch Party there and we got to enjoy snacks from Cava Mezze, Honest Tea cocktails, and 20 percent off everything, y'all! I had a fabulous time, and as you can see I ran into other local bloggers Natalie and Liz and miiiight have had to leave there with a little tribal printed pretty. (This is in no way a sponsored post by the way, just love the place!)

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June 6, 2013

..The Michael Kors Slim Leather Runway Watch

..The Michael Kors Slim Leather Runway Watch
Gold & Orange | White & Gold | Brown & Rose Gold

How cute are these Michael Kors skinny leather watches?  I like how they are dainty but still rock the over-sized faces. Leather is such a nice change from the popular gold and shell link watches that everyone has too. I really love the white one for the summery months! I have a birthday next week for anyone who might be in the mood to send me random gifts (kidding.. kinda..).

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June 4, 2013

..Silver Spots

The deets: J.Crew dress (sold out); ShoeMint heels; Elizabeth and James sunnies; Steve Madden bag; Tiffany & Co. bracelets (no longer available but good replica here); South Moon Under earrings; Lancome "Wannabe" lipstick.

When this dress and I met it was that special kind of don't-care-what-it-costs-gotta-have-you love at first sight. Could it really be possible that one little dress packed my favorite curvy girl cut, polka dots, metallic details, pockets, AND the perfect work-to-play transitional factor? Was it a dream? Thank heaven there was one left in my size. I have literally worn it about six times in the month I've owned it. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was a kid that I insisted on wearing every time it was clean and available. It was twirly, had strawberry pockets, and brought me the same I-feel-dang-good-in-this-baby feeling that this one does.

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..New Items in the Closet!

New Folder
Hey guys! My wardrobe and I are moving in a couple weeks to a much smaller closet, which means MUCHO new items in the shop.  Tons of dresses were added (including all of the ones featured above) to the "Closet" section of Currently Coveting and almost all for $25 and under.  Check it out. I should be updating it on a semi-monthly basis now.

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