February 28, 2014

..Life Lately


So about all the the radio silence this week..  I'm breaking it! My apologies for the very inconsistent posts as of late, but my life has really become so busy that there is hardly time for baking, beauty tips, or photographing outfits. This last weekend was kind of the kick off for what is going to be my busiest year ever. Between bachelorettes, showers, weddings, trips with friends, and all the regular life happenings that go on, 2014 is going to be/has already been pretty chalk full of awesome.

1. If you life in the DC area and have not been to the Astro Doughnuts truck yet, GO! It will make your day very delicious. They tweet their location daily.
2. A few snaps of my little cuzzies wedding last weekend. Me and both of my siblings were in the wedding so we got to spend lots of time together in party mode which is a rarity. Didn't she make such a pretty bride?
3. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I LOVE Simple Skincare products as of late. They have been my everything in these cold temps. I've been using the gel during the day and the cream at night.
4. I have a really fun project coming up with the lovely blogger/stylist/california girl Shell B Cheri! Sneak peak here.

February 20, 2014

..The Easiest Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookie Bars Ever!


You guys. These chocolate chip cheesecake cookie bars are the BEEEESSSST. Trust me. All you need are four little ingredients. Do it! Plus everyone will think you worked really hard on them and are some crazy amazing baker = bonus!

1 tube cookie dough
1 package of cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg

1. Cut tube of cookie dough in half. Take the first half and press it down into a square 8x8 inch baking dish.
2. Mix cream cheese, egg, and sugar together until well blended. Pour it over the cookie dough.
3. Use the remaining half of cookie dough to sprinkle over cream cheese layer.
4. Bake on 350 for about 35 mins and then refrigerate for a few hours to set.
5. Eat your face off!

February 18, 2014

..Makeup Tricklet


Little tricklet of the day: keep Scotch tape in your beauty bag. It's definitely not an everyday necessity, but if you are trying to get those really cat-y blended dramatic smokey eyes it will really make your life a whole lot easier!

1. Place tape on along the side of your lid from the very outside of your eye pointed to the end of your brow.
2. Do yo thang. Get your cat eye on (or whatever floats your boat).
3. Peel off tape for precision shaping!
4. Take super awkward glamor shots of yourself like the below, obviously.

February 17, 2014

..Date Night

The deets: Club Monaco dress; Zara heels (similar); Express clutch; Francesca's necklace; Alex and Ani bracelets &Tiffany bracelet; Lancome "Wannabe" lipstick; Essie "No More Film" nails.

Valentine's Day happened to fall on a Friday where my office was released early this year. This was such a treat because I actually got to take my time and get ready for our date to Ardeo + Bardeo (the food was amazeballs, bee tee dubs) and drink some wine with the boyfriend before heading out to our reservation. It was also pretty nice to be able to take my roses home form the office and enjoy them at home while they were in their peak prettiness for a three day weekend. Aren't they gorgeous? And no I'm not wearing any tights here, me leggies are just THAT pale y'all.

February 7, 2014

..Valentine's Day Wish List

..Valentine's Day Wish List

1. Candles: My three favorite candles at Bath & Body Works are currently "Mahogany Teakwood," which smells like a deliciously clean man but not too over powering, "Lilac Blossoms," which is floral and amazing, and "Honeysuckle Bouquet" because it reminds me of playing in my backyard in the summer as a child. The yard was lined with these bushes and we would always pluck the flowers centers out to taste the little drop of "honey" on the inside.

2. Jewelry: Love this little gold monogram everyday bracelet, you can't really go wrong with a monogram gift, ever. I also really like these dainty little heart earrings which are under $20!

3. Flowers: Good old fashioned flowers always make the perfect gift in my opinion. You show up with peonies, my heart melts.

4. Quirky: Really digging these kitschy little retro gold cat-eye sunnies for when the temps warm up. Although I'm sure the BF would disagree.

5. Home: Cutest little jewelry box from Target that is just my style and under %15!

6. Fragrance: I really want this Peony & Blush Suede Jo Malone perfume. As soon as the one I currently use runs out, this is the new scent!

February 6, 2014

..V-Day Weekend Projects


If you are looking to get into the pink and red heart filled holiday this weekend, here are some of my favorite little love projects from Valentine's Day's past. Chocolate cherry heart shaped cupcakes because duh, give me all the cupcakes, easy DIY love notes to friends and fam because who doesn't love sparkly snail mail?, and cheesecake conversation hearts because I want all my sweet treats personalized on holidays! Feel free to get really weird/crazy with the messages here.

February 5, 2014

..Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner

..Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner

ATTENTION, EVERYONE! NEW PRODUCT I'M OBSESSED WITH ALERT! Do yourself a favor and give the Aveeno Nourish and Shine shampoo & conditioner a try. I was strolling the hair care isle at my local CVS wanting to try something new and for no reason at all, I decided on these two, and I am so happy I did. They may have bumped my all time favorite drug store brand products (Frizz Ease Smooth Start) to the number TWO spot. I felt an immediate difference after one wash. It's definitely a new staple in my rotation. You can find it at any drug store or grocery, priced in the $7 range. LERVE.

February 4, 2014

..AC Bachelorette

The deets: Express blazer (similar, similar under $40); F21 dress (similar under $15); BCBGeneration shoes; Lancome "Wannabe" lipstick.

This is about all I can show on here from the night if ya know what I mean. We had a blast and I would highly suggest it as a bachelorette destination for anyone who likes to partake in a little par-tay time. Although it was too cold for us to frolic on the beach, we had an awesome ocean view from our suite that was amazing to wake up to after a night of lots of drinks, a little gambling, and tons of dancing.