July 27, 2015

..Little Details

The deets: J.Crew top (now under $40) & necklace (last seen here); LOFT skirt (also worn here); Kate Spade mini bag; Tory Burch wedges (similar); Knox Thomas Designs bracelets; Karen Walker sunnies (I upgraded to the real deal but first had this identical inexpensive version last seen here).

I love how the perforation on my wedges kind of mimic the eyelet sleeve detail on my top. It's all about the little details in my opinion. I especially love any kind of texture given to something that doesn't normally have it. I am also all about a cross-body these days. Where was this trend like five years ago when I was just out of college and a hot drunk mess that would leave my clutches everywhere for the stealing? These are basically like fashionable fanny packs and I am DOWN. To whom ever is responsible for the cross-body, my house keys and wallet thank you.

July 24, 2015

..The Kate Spade Cat's Meow Collection

Kate Spade Cats

Last weekend I spent the afternoon with my boyfriend at the local mall shopping for a gift for a friend. After no luck at Nordstrom I casually walked into Kate Spade. Once we were in, I literally stopped in my tracks and gasped out loud when I made eye contact with all the insanely cute kitty stuff they have out right now. I ran right over to the wallet, proclaimed my love for it as my boyfriend stood there shaking his head in embarrassment. Next I pointed to the purse and squealed, then salivated over all of the jewelry. Basically, it was exactly like that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the kids are escorted into the room made entirely of candy. I literally could hear the song "Pure Imagination" playing in my head as I ran my hands over the bedazzled cat ears. I immediately ordered the kitty ears ring & matching bangle. I couldn't resist! Am I a crazy cat lady? Yes. Does Kate Spade make it a tiiiiny bit less weird and a hair (get it, cat hair) more chic? I sure hope so.

July 22, 2015

..The Best Charleston Bachelorette Goody Bags

The deets: Custom tote bags by Sixpence Press; T+C scarves; Customized Girl tanks; Knox Thomas Designs coordinates bracelets; Jenna Hipp polish.

At this point in my life, I would consider myself a bachelorette party connoisseur. I have previously featured beachy goody-buckets, & gift totes (see all my wedding related content here), now I bring you the cutest Charelston themed bachelorette party favors ever. An amazing group of ladies really came together to make these totes the shiz. 

The bags and scarves worked great for our trip to Sullivan's Island, you can tie up the scarf a hundred different ways and actually use it as a cute cover-up, which we all did (and it also made for a pretty picture). The tanks were designed at Customized Girl (they make it so easy to really choose every detail you want) with her wedding hashtag #CaughtHerAColleran and were very light and breathable fabric which was perfect for the Charleston heat. We wore them wine tasting at Social Wine Bar on the last evening out together. The bracelets were customized by Knox Thomas Designs with the coordinates of everyone's hometown & their initials are stamped on the inside. I think they make really great mementos that you can actually incorporate into your everyday jewelry, aka the best bachelorette gifts! We also stuffed the essential Advil packets, cliff bars, gum, mints, nail polish & EOS lip balms in there which came in handy for hangovers, etc. I know I am biased but I think we killed it! 

July 20, 2015

..Palm Print

The deets: JOA top (love this brand other great JOA pieces); Topshop skirt (similar); Zara heels (similar); Rebecca Minkoff mini bag; Knox Thomas Designs necklace and bracelets; Claire's sunnies (similar). 

I wore this outfit to celebrate a friends birthday at Marvin's this past weekend. I would definitely suggest hitting that place up the rooftop bar/deck is fabulous. I honestly am slightly obsessed with the brand JOA as all their pieces are super on trend, flirty, and unique but ALSO usually aren't priced out of this world like some similar styles. This tank is so versatile, I actually pair it with my black pencil skirt & simple pumps for the office too. The material is linen so it's pretty breathable which is crucial in the 90+ degree days we've been having, also the pretty blue and green palm print was just too cute to pass up.

July 16, 2015

..Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

The deets: ASOS cover-up (similar) & bikini; Star Mela bag (other fabulous beach bags); Ray-Ban sunnies; J.Crew hat; Knox Thomas Designs bracelet.

Are you guys sick of all my outfit posts being in bathing suits and cover-ups yet?  I am kind of living the dream this summer with lots of vacations/bachelorette parties that just also happen to be by the ocean with one more beach trip at the end of the month. During my trip to Charleston we took a day and shuttled over to Sullivan's Island, a gorgeous beach about 15 minutes away from our hotel. The sun was out, the guns were out, we drank mimosas, took silly group photos and frolicked in the warm South Carolina shoreline. When we got hungry enough to leave paradise we walked to Poe's Tavern for some drinks and lunch (I may have just opted for a bloody and some chips with queso but whatever #vacation #noregrets). 

July 15, 2015

..Four Favorites


1. How refreshing does this yummy coconut-lime-watermelon SLUSHIE look? I maaaaaybe would throw some tequila in there too, but that's just me.

2. I am actually jealous of this two year old's kitty themed birthday party. I may need to steal it for myself. #catladylife

3. I concocted a wonderful chocolate-cheesecake frosting a month back but never shared the recipe. I was recently reminded of it's deliciousness by a coworker and figured I should put it up since it's so easy. Make regular cream cheese icing, my tried and true is here. Then make ganache. Fold in about 3/4 cup of the chocolate ganache into the cream cheese icing. BAM.

4. Shopbop is currently giving an extra 25% off their designer sale with code 25EXTRA. You can score this pink Marchesa Notte for under $200 right now. Insane.

July 13, 2015

..Poolside in Charleston

The deets: Nanette Lepore cover-up (old, similar colors, romper version); J.Crew hat; Prada sunnies; VS bikini; GAP flip flops; Knox Thomas Designs bar necklace.

I just spent the last four days in Charleston, SC  for my bestie's bachelorette party at the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel which just happened to have an amazing rooftop pool situation. It was just the refreshing mid-day activity to get you re-energized for the night ahead.  These were taken on the first day there right after we grabbed lunch at Leaf which was nice and airy. We hit up Poogan's Porch for dinner which had the best fried chicken I had ever had and then partied at Republic which had a great DJ that threw in my favorite 90's rap. All and all it was a great weekend that I will share more about in a later post. 

July 10, 2015

..My Five Rules for Avoiding Blogger Burnout


Just recently, I have learned that a couple of the bloggers that I follow have taken some extended time off from their blogs due to the stress of it all. It had me thinking about how sad that was, to stop doing something you used to love because it's no longer making you happy. I don't often get deep up in here, but I love my corner of the internet and would hate to have to close it's doors. I don't think I am doing anything particularly special, but I figured I would share my thoughts on the great wide world of blogging because were all friends here, right? Right.

1. The cardinal rule is to never ever compare your blog/Instagram feed/following to other bloggers. If you do this, you will feel very bad, unmotivated, and defeated REAL quick. I think I do a pretty good job of this because I never intended to be a "brand," and I am totally okay with it. I'm sure it's different if you are trying to blog as your main income (so I can't speak to that) but I will definitely keep Instagraming my personal friends, my pets, and things that aren't so picture perfect and color schemed and I don't care if you don't like it...(but totally hope that you do and want to stick around ;). Life is no fun if you are constantly wondering why someone else's [insert media here] is better than yours, or if you should post something just because it fits the profile. You do you.

2. Blog and write like the only person it's for is you. Honestly no one is going to care about what you were wearing on a weekend three years ago BUT you (hate to break it to ya). So treat these posts like the archives of your life. Give things context (doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece) so that one day when you are showing your children these posts (because the internet is like, forever y'all) you will be flooded with memories about the day you shot those photos, or where you went in your totally cute 2010's outfit back in the day.

3. Realize that like MANY other platforms (Facebook, Instagram), blogs are just snapshots of peoples lives and are by NO means an accurate portrayal of whats really going on. It may look like all some of these famous bloggers do is get free luxury items, have perfect photographer husbands, and go on vacation, but they still have to deal with the many struggles life throws at human beings, like health problems, image issues, and trying to get anything done at the DMV. They might not blog about those less than stellar days, but you best believe they happen.

4. Tell FOMO to suck it. Don't feel like you have to do every single thing. Blogger events are great but do you have to attend EVERY get-together, happy hour, blogger event, and conference? No. If you are not a full time blogger, you have work, family, boyfriends, friends, weddings, birthdays, ETC that should come first. It's easy to think you are missing out but I tend to be right where I choose to be most days. Think about it.

5. Remember, you created your space and YOU are the boss, CEO, aaaand HBIC. You miss a day? So what! You make the rules. It's not like I'm going to fire myself, am I right? Don't worry about it!

July 8, 2015

..Pineapple Maxi

The deets: Pink Stitch dress; Steve Madden sandals (other gladiator styles); Knox Thomas Designs bar necklace; Rebecca Minkoff mini love cross body bag.

I wore this fun pineapple maxi to dinner one night in PR to Bar Gitano which had delicious Spanish tapas selections. I may have caught the trendy pineapple bug (last seen adorning them here) but I don't care. It feels right. Also, I kept telling Mike that it felt like I was out and about in my PJs or something, it was quite cozy and breezy in like ALL the right areas if you catch my drift (pun fully intended). I loved how flowy and easy it was. Now if only my hair didn't look so 80's rocker. Should have worn a bun but what can you do. Gotta love that humid salty air.