January 28, 2016

..Gift Guide: Valentine's Day 2016


The deets: Jammies; Socks; Perfume Sampler; Clutch; Bracelet; CandleBag; Tumbler; Lipstick Palette.
*(When I say "Gift Guide" I really should say "Gift ME Guide")

As someone who is a PJs every night kind of girl, I love this little heart print shortie set. I would also rock these cozy socks curled up on the couch with some tea.

This perfume sampler comes with a voucher for a full bottle version of the one you liked best, how clever! I also love a good "just for fun" palette, this Smashbox lipstick one would keep me pretty busy.

Rose gold all day erry day for me. Love this giant sparkly clutch for my bachelorette and this Bauble Bar pave link bracelet for every day use (it also comes in regular gold).

I have been on a smoothie making kick each morning and use this tumbler I got for free from my local mall. It's time for an upgrade and this Kate Spade one has caught my eye.

Candles and flowers are ALWAYS a good idea. Actually scratch that flowers are an absolute MUST. Not negotiable.

I know i don't need one right now, but how cute is this little pink fringy Rebecca Minkoff bag? It's small enough to add a pop of color when I need but not too big as I probably wouldn't use one in this color on the daily.

January 26, 2016

..Our Engagement Shoot

The deets: ASOS dress; Zara heels (sold out,  super fancy alternate); J.Crew coat & earrings; GAP beanie. On him: Suit Supply jacket  (similar); Banana Republic trousers: Charles Tyrwhitt button down (similar); Brooks Brothers tie; J. Press tie bar; John W. Nordstrom shoes (similar).

It's too snowy outside to take any blog pics (or I'm just too lazy) so I'm sharing some of my favorite engagement photos from our session in Red Bank, NJ (my hometown) back in December. It was literally THE coldest day of the month. We had a December that was oddly filled with 60-70 degree sunny days and then woke up on the 19th to temps in the 40s with a crazy wind chill coming off the Navesink River. I literally was tearing up not because I was filled with emotion but because I was being pummeled by the wind. Somehow our photographer + editor made it work! We booked Pat Furey Photography for our wedding (photos are being taken by Alexander and edited by Pat) and picked a package that included the shoot. I would definitely recommend doing one for those of you who are debating. I know most engagement shoots I see (whilst perusing facebook friends I really have no real connection to anymore) have a little bit of a cringe in embarrassment factor but it was such a helpful exercise for a variety of reasons and as long as you pick a photographer that you vibe with and trust their style it will be great. Here are my top reasons for going for it!

1. It's amazing practice for your wedding. I know this sounds crazy but it was nice to get Mike more comfortable in front of the camera since he's not used to it (and basically detests the idea). 

2. You get comfortable working with your photographer, build a rapport, and get to know each-others needs to make some pretty stuff (each photographer has their own little tricks). 

3. You learn how you look from all angles (which was slightly scary for me but a good kick to get back to the gym..haha).

4. Hopefully you get a couple great shots to keep forever. I was happy to get some shots with Mike where we aren't in wedding attire (you know those people who TBT wedding photos at every chance? Probably didn't have an engagement shoot). They also make great/easy save the dates!

5. There isn't really another time in your life where you can get away with a vanity photography session like this, so dress up, glam up, and do it!

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January 20, 2016

..Winter Work Wear

The deets: J.Crew cashmere sweater, faux leather skirt, & jacket; Banana Republic flats; Balenciaga bag; GAP beanie; Prada sunnies; Kate Spade earrings; MAC "Brave" lipstick.

I am on a "winter white" kick this season. White beanie, white coat, white sweaters. I got this jacket for my engagement shoot (which I am still debating if I should share on here or not) and ended up loving it enough to wear all fall/winter long. It magically goes with everything and polishes me up on those cozier outfit days. It's currently on sale too which is awesome. I'm now off to brave the supermarket before a giant snow storm, so keep me in your thoughts.


January 18, 2016

..Pirate Shirt

The deets: AG jeans; Sam Edelman booties; South Moon Under lace up blouse; Ray-Ban sunnies; MAC "Brave" lipstick; Kate Spade earrings; Knox Thomas Designs bracelets; ABS Allen Schwartz faux fur vest (similar); Clare V clutch.

I know this is a lot of pirate, on fur, on leopard, on fringe but when you only have one event planned for the whole three day weekend you bring all the things out to play. I wore this to a going away gathering at ChurchKey for some of my best friends that are moving from DC to NY. They have a crazy selection of brews on the menu. There were tears, drinks, and lots of laughs. I also popped into Logan Tavern for a quick bite before and can report that their mac and cheese was 100% to DIE. 


January 10, 2016

..A Home Tour (Work In Progress)

Living room deets: chair & ottoman; similar bar cart, pillows, antlers, rug.  Office deets: similar rugghost chair, paintinglamp, shelves, similar desk. Bedroom: rug, similar headboard.

I know I promised so long ago to share some "after" pictures to these "before's" so I'm finally getting around to it. Our apartment is definitely not done, we still need so much on the walls and to update some of the furniture not featured but when you are planning a wedding unfortunately all your decorating mojo and motivation gets put on the back burner. Here is a little of what we have so far. I didn't include the kitchen or bathroom because they are still pretty much in the shape they came in. Be on the look out for little fur babies sneaking into the frames, hehe. I tried to link to as many things as I could but if you have a specific question about something you see just email me at currently.coveting@gmail.com.

January 4, 2016

..Wedding Planning

Photo is of a little engagement package from our wedding planner/designer Paige of Gilded Lily Events.

Happy New Year! It somehow became 2016 in the blink of an eye. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that I was sipping champs in the grass freshly engaged to my college sweetheart of 8+ years. That was August. One move, one job change, and a lot of contracts later, it's January and I am fully immersed in the terrifying world of wedding planning, which to me can feel a little like the real life hunger games (may the odds of scoring a venue on a Saturday in 2016 be ever in your favor). While I realize many bloggers make it a point to not blog too much about wedding stuff during their engagement, I'm choosing to do it here and there because it's what's currently happening in my life and frankly, I've never really been super traditional in the blogger sense. With the season of engagement behind us, I thought I'd share some things I've learned for anyone who is in the same boat AND for people who are the friends/family of those couples.

1. Everyone will ask you when your wedding is, IMMEDIATELY. This came as a surprise to me. Literally, fifteen minutes after we got engaged that was the number one response. Did they think I had secretly been locking down vendors before this happened? I have no clue, but "we have no idea" was a lot of the conversations we had for six weeks following ours, so if you are that person congratulating a couple, hold off on that question for a while if you can or maybe rephrase to "do you have a season in mind?" It made me feel pressure to get planning right away when I probably could have just enjoyed the celebration of it all a little more.

2. Don't bother with those wedding timelines until you book a date. Once you do that I found this one to be really helpful! I like how detailed it was but also how it grouped things into time frames rather than actual dates.

3. If you have it in your budget at all, get a wedding planner/partial planner/day of planner. I was a little overwhelmed by how many different businesses and vendors you have to research to make decisions but if you start with a planner a lot of that can be reduced as they have a great list of trusted ones right in your area already.

4. Invest in a great agenda. You have so many meetings, visits, appointments coming up this year, you will be so happy you did. I use this one and love it!