May 31, 2016

..Ocean City, MD


As I told you in this post, I had the perfect MDW dress picked out. Stars? Check, Stripes? Check. Looking patriotic doesn't also have to be tacky. I had the best time at the beach over the weekend. While it was a little windy on the first day it didn't deter us from spending time on the sand. This sweater (currently 40% off!) from 360 Cashmere truly is the best "beachy" sweater I have ever owned. It's soft, light, has a hood, and is super cozy and long. It can go over pretty much anything. Also, how cute are these LR "Starla" flats? I love the detailed laces and I can say they are actually really comfortable to wear.


May 24, 2016

..Self Tanner for Dummies


I am a naturally fair person, which is a shame because I really think I look my best with just a little bit of a tan. My eyes seem sparklier, teeth whiter, somehow I feel skinnier. Basically it's the best thing ever. Hitting the tanning bed is a habbit I thankfully kicked years ago (does anyone actually still use them?) and I now like to lather on sun screen like it's going out of style at the beach (wrinkles and cancer can skip right over me, please & thank you) so it leaves me with one option - spray tanning.

Now I LOVE a good spray tan session, you wont find me on a vacation without one, but at $59 a pop, it just is not a once a week beauty regimen I can afford to keep up with all summer so for those non-vacation, plain old summer days where I just want to be able to have my bare legs out without blinding people, I just DIY it!

These two products are basically fool proof. I will say that I use the Vita Liberata with a mitt that gives me a flawless, streak free, natural tan (gives me this natural glow). I just scrub/shave in the shower, towel dry, and then rub a layer on with the mitt. I blow dry it a little, get dressed and go about my day. It says on for a few days and when I feel like it's time for another layer, I put one on over it the same way. Easy! I don't put any on my face (you totally can, I just get nervous putting anything non specifically "face" on mine), for that I use the St. Tropez lotion. I just wash my face/scrub off any dead skin with my Clarisonic and normal face soap, then moisturize with it before bed. I let it dry for fifteen minutes before going to sleep. 

May 20, 2016

..Easy Red Striped Dresses for All


MDW is around the corner which means you get to pull out all of your 'Murica gear and drink beer at a BBQ in the sunshine somewhere. Donning a red and white striped dress is basically the classier version of that. I actually purchased the least expensive version above from Old Navy (hello $15 steal) which you might think would sit like a potato sack on a non model but I swear it didn't disappoint! Very comfortable and flattering on even this 5'2" curvy girl.

May 18, 2016

..Four Favorites

Yes, I know it's been about 7 months since my last "Four Favorites" post but it's back! You can see the entire series here.

1. If you know me intamately (pun intended) then you know I am obsessed with wearing matching PJ sets to bed. I found this gem on the bridal section of ASOS and just LOVE 'em. Confetti anything wins.

2. I love podcasts, I listen to multiple ones a day on my daily metro commute, I especially love true crime because deep down inside if I could do it all again I would love to be a detective. I think I have a secret talent for spotting liars. Casefile gives me all the creeps and deets of real (sometimes still unsolved) crimes. Be prepared to be seriously freaked out. Fact is scarier than fiction!

3.This recipe stopped me in my tracks. Cookie dough and Oreo stuffed rice krispie treats topped with chocolate covered pretzels. Enough said.

4. I got these cute beaded tassel earrings to go with this dress and this dress (one for a bachelorette and one for a shower). Bonus: BaubleBar is having Buy 1, get 20% off with code STOCKUP20. Buy 2, get 25% off with code STOCKUP25. Buy 3+, get 30% off with code STOCKUP30.

May 13, 2016

..Work Wear: Lace Up Heels

The deets: Sam Edelman lace up block heels; Old Navy dress (similar, just go this one in navy); Kate Spade bag (similar version); Karen Walker sunnies; J.Crew cardi; Hair info here.

Are you guys sick of seeing this old pink stripe dress yet? I know it was in my last post but while I was all glammed out I couldn't resist doing a quick outfit post snap. I wore this to work a couple weeks back and thought it was a nice desk to drinks look since the shoes are fun enough for after hours and you can easily loose the cardigan. These heels are seriously my new favorite purchase as of late. They go with shorts, dresses, jeans, work, casual, WHATEVER! So great! I will say they took a little breaking in but now they are very comfortable. 

May 11, 2016

..Irresistible Me Hair Extensions


I am going to get very honest right now. When I was tapped to do a review of these hair extensions, I initially was apprehensive. I hadn't ever tried any version of them before and my feelings on extensions weren't great due to a particularly bad experience my little sister had with the kind that is bonded to your hair in really small pieces (I tried to google the right term but apparently there are way more varieties of extensions than I even thought, sorry - just don't do that kind). When she had them taken out she lost 75% of her hair from breakage and ripping, HORRIFYING! She is still trying to regrow her hair evenly. I also feel like I can always tell when someone is using fake hair bc it either looks unnatural or the shorter hair mixed in isn't as seamlessly hidden as I would want if they were on me, or both. I am also really picky and I don't like upkeep so just never thought they'd jive with me. 

As averse the the idea as I was, I'm still a true beauty junkie at heart and I was obviously intrigued.  I asked some friends what they'd think of me giving them a try and it seemed to spark their interest as well so I said said yes to the opportunity!

First of all, the Irresistible Me hair extensions are beautiful and soft and feel nicer than my own natural hair. I was actually so surprised with the quality! They send 200 grams in the pack but I only had to use the one main strip which is about half the weight, the rest come in shorter strips you can place all over. Because my hair is already pretty long, it was so great to be able to control how much product went in my head. I love that you can adjust how much you want to use. I have ombre hair so I matched to the color on the bottom which was #10 Ash Blonde in the 20 inch length. I also curled the strip so it would blend in better with my waved hair, they come straight.

I honestly loved it! It was SO easy to put in as you can see below I did it without a mirror at all.  It looked so natural and normal, and it doesn't require any commitment or hair damage. Basically, in my mind, they are like makeup for your hair. I can apply them when I want to look extra glam but don't have to wear them to the office. You can bet your bottom dollar that these will be coming with me on my trip to Vegas in June so I can be the most glam kitten version of myself. HECK YES. I took them for a spin around the apartment and then across the street to get coffee and I swear my boyfriend was looking at me like I looked just the tiniest bit tastier. I felt like a real land mermaid strutting across that crosswalk to the cafe. Who doesn't want to be a land mermaid? No one.

May 9, 2016

..Hat Season

The deets: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (also seen here) | 6 (also seen here) | 7 | 8 | 9

If there is one thing I love most about dressing for sunny days it's the possibility of getting to wear a hat. I don't know why but I feel prettier in them, more put together and lady-like. They cover up bad hair days, protect your mug from sunburn, and just add general character. Above are some favorites from seasons past, some ones I recently purchased, and some I have my eye on!