July 27, 2017

..Sunny Stripes

The deets: J.Crew dress (old, love this one, this one is also cute under $55) & hat (old, similar); Karen Walker sunnies (similar under $12); Lancome lipstick in 377; Banana Republic cardi (old, similar); Loeffler Randal sandals (similar under $40); Old Navy crossbody bag (old, very similar).

I'm currently on my way to NJ to enjoy a long weekend with my sister to find out what the sex of her baby is and maybe hit the beach! We are having a little gender reveal lunch for her and I want to get some cute photos of the two expecting parents as well. I wore this outfit last weekend to have some impromptu brunch with my in-laws. I think people must think I am so #extra all the time with the hats but they just feel like armor for my face against the sun and it's been incredibly hot these last couple of weeks - like 100 degree situations. I don't mess around, plus they also just look KYEWT..ok? 
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July 26, 2017

..Four Favorites

Four Favs

It's been a minute since my last "Four Favorites" series post but here are a few things that are currently my JAM.

1. I have been on a statement earring kick for about five years now and it doesn't seem to be something I am going to grow out of. These little beauties have been on my mind since they basically feel like the color-wheel I base my entire existence on.

2. My sis is pregnant (yay) and we are thinking a fall baby shower since she is due in December. I have been pinning cute "little pumpkin-esque" things for inspo here!

3. I moved offices recently and decided to jazz up my cube space. These little animal head push-pins and magnets were super adorable and super affordable. It's really the little things that being me joy during the work day.

4. Wunderlist is the app that is currently running my entire life. I make running grocery lists, work lists, cleaning schedules, reminders, I even note work outfits so I have something to refer to when I am in a hurry in the morning and don't know what to wear. It is the BEST.

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July 17, 2017

..Puppy Kisses

The deets: J.Crew shorts (also here, mostly sold out but these are great and under $40); Sincerely Jules tee; Madewell heels (similar under $35); Brixton hat; Clare V. clutch (similar under $50); Quay sunnies.

I wore this outfit to a chill wine night with some girlfriends last weekend. I know summer has lots of fun shapes and prints to offer but sometimes comfort in a basic t-shirt is where it's at. I added the hat because I am a big fan of sun protection in any way for my face which came in handy because we did dinner al fresco. 

You might also notice a special guest this week, my sweet pup, Alba. She is seriously the best doggy model I think she should start her own blog! Can't you just see it... Paws and the Pavement or Bones on the Boulevard, a lifestyle blog by a golden retriever. LOL. Let's be real she is the star of this post!

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July 6, 2017

..The Only Thing I Wanted for My Birthday This Year

The ONLY thing I put on my birthday wishlist this year was this Milk Bar cake. It is appropriately named "Birthday Cake" and I have had my eye on it ever since I saw it in the City Center DC shop. (you can also order it online). It didn't disappoint. We ate the whole thing just the two of us over two days. Just LOOK at those sexy crumbs & sprinkles! Food porn at it's finest. My lovely other half also threw in some cute flowers, some rose, and a bottle of my favorite Joe Malone perfume which was a sweet treat on TOP of my sweet treat.

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