July 29, 2018

..Nurse Thank You Bags

The deets: Blue Raccoon Designs muslin baby onesie bags via Etsy (mine are 5x7); Plum Polka Dot hair ties via Esty (I asked to swap dots for floral ties); Forever 21 Rose Face Masks; Vaseline Rosey Lips; cards were a Home Goods find (sorry); Tiny Bees cookie wrappers via Etsy (had them leftover from my wedding welcome boxes).

Okay, I know some of you may think this is #extra but I knew very early on that I was 100% going to be putting together thank you gifts for my delivery nurses and doctors. I definitely don't think it's something you have to do at all (they just care about you getting out of there safely with baby) nor do they expect anything for doing their jobs but for the amount of trust you have to put in them and how they much take care of you in your most precious life moments just makes me personally want to leave them knowing how much gratitude I have. Those jobs are so hard and so high pressure! I could never do it. 

Since I knew I wanted to do them I just added it to my hospital bag to-do packing list and since I am pretty type A when it comes to being prepared (you guys know how I start preparing packing lists for trips months in advance) I actually already have my hospital bag 90% done and knocked out these thank you baggies this weekend too! I only have a few things we use everyday left to throw in there along with some fresher cookies. I baked these just for the photos (and my husband) but the homemade dough is ready and frozen in my freezer so I can make some the week leading up (currently 35 weeks pregnant). I know that might not happen if I end up being in an on the fly situation but in that case I have some boxed snacks I'll throw in instead since the rest of the bag contents are packed. 

I know these are pretty girly but I didn't really see any male nurses my whole tour (and there are Starbucks gift cards I'll have on hand if that happens) but since I am having a girl I went with an "it's a girl!" pink rosey theme. If I were having a boy I also had plans to get the same kinds of items but in blue theme. I also added in the cards even though the hair ties say it already because when I was researching nurse thank you bags around the web a lot of actual nurses commented that they appreciated the handwritten notes the most. To be totally honest I just enjoy putting these kinds of things together and I am really happy with how they came out!

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July 23, 2018

..Baby Shower Dress

The deets: ASOS Maternity dress; Rebecca Minkoff bag (smaller version); Sam Edelman sandals; J.Crew earrings (sold out, found on eBay here, similar here).

Last weekend was my VA baby shower that was thrown by my lovely besties that I truly don't deserve. It was fun and light and so good to see all my friends at once since that is a rare, RARE thing these days. I had a seriously hard time finding a shower dress that checked all my boxes (comfortable in the heat, fancy enough, with elements of pink because I am an unabashed fan of theme dressing). I looked for what felt like months at every maternity and non maternity store for something that would work and then this one came up on ASOS about 2-3 weeks before my shower which I was hesitant about (not really a strapless girl) but decided to try out anyway. I am so glad I did because it worked! Paired with my favorite extra AF red floral sequin J.Crew earrings my husband said I look like some kind of Spanish dancer but I didn't even care because this 33 week bump was happy to have a flowery curtain over it for the day.

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July 12, 2018

..Floral Maternity Maxi

The deets: Pinkblush dress (c/o); J.Crew jean jacket; Banana Republic slides; Le Specs sunnies; Kate Spade bag (old, similar); GAP hat (old, similar).

I am 32 weeks pregnant now which is officially the start of my 8th month! Time is beginning to fly which is freaking me out a little because my due date is September 4th and by then the summer will be basically over which makes me sad. I feel like we just got going! 

Strangers stop me on a daily basis to ask me when I am due and then quickly make the "oh, you're going to be SO HOT" face. I used to find it slightly irritating but now it serves as a sweet reminder that I am actually enjoying this much more than people have expected me to! The heat has not been a problem for me at all, in fact, I haven't had to wash my hair as much since for whatever reason my scalp is much drier - which I count as a major benefit since it saves me time in the morning. I do have trouble taking in deep breaths now and also have developed a lot of varicose veins which are not fun but aside from that it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. I am hungry AT ALL TIMES, even right after I eat - I don't understand because there is no room left in me. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast for the first time today and it was so damn satisfying I felt no guilt at all about it!
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July 4, 2018

..Bumpin' in Red, White, & Blue


I wore this little outfit last weekend for a besties little girl's first birthday that was 4th of July themed so  OBVIOUSLY I waited it to post until today because...duh. Happy Fourth! I also wore this out to dinner on our Nantucket trip with a jean jacket, just a good summer buy for the bump! This may be TMI but I am officially getting to the point where I have to stuff my boobs into things because every month I swear they size up again. They are slightly spilling out in these photos but I like to keep it real here! This is what I am currently dealing with in week 30. I also have always been clumsy and fell up the metro steps like once every few weeks prior to being pregnant (there is a particularly embarrassing story involving bags of groceries and my produce making it up to the top before me) and now that I am knocked up I try to be more careful but every once and a while they get me..which is why i have a gnarly bruise on my leg. I will be spending the day enjoying not working OR metro riding mid-week. What a treat! Happy Birthday, America!

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July 3, 2018

..Gold Ruffles

The deets: PinkBlush Maternity top (c/o); DL1967 maternity jean shorts; Madewell sandals; Brixton hat; Elizabeth and James sunnies (old, similar); Mango bag.

It was actually 98 degrees out here in DC on Sunday and this preggo was HOT. I mostly stayed in the A/C all day but wanted to make a Trader Joe's run for some flowers, fun mock-tail ingredients, and snacks for the week (because what is life without those two things while 30 weeks pregnant?). I made my husband stop for Sweet Frog fro-yo on the way home because it was NECESSARY for survival. We made it there but my poor flowers spent all of ten minutes in the car and were at the brink of death by the time I brought them home. Luckily even though I was melting I still felt cute in my yellow ruffled top! Its super soft and cozy and a nice breathable material. I just discovered PinkBlush for maternity stuff (prices are great too - look at these other cute maternity tops) but wish I had tried them out sooner!

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