First, let me say how happy I am that you've somehow made it to my little corner of the internet. Next, I know whenever I visit a new blog, I immediately start looking for the "about" section to find out more about the real person behind the post (because I'm nosy AF), so here is my attempt at a proper introduction.

My name is Erin and I started "Currently Coveting" in 2010 because I consider myself a girl that likes to express herself creatively but I have a pretty boring 9-5, so I decided to keep a blog going as a hobby for my sanity and also semi-selfishly to keep a record of my personal life/fashion archives (I imagine me with my future children piled on a couch scrolling through my twenty-something fashion pointing and laughing until we cry one day at my  expense).

In the very beginning, it's purpose was to document all the details of parties I was throwing myself into planning. Now, the content has evolved mainly to fashion, food, and beauty (but I totally go off the grid like all the time so you can't get too used to any one thing happening around here).

I was born a Jersey girl but now love living in the gorgeous Washington, D.C. area with my super sexy husband and fur babies. I worked briefly as a Make-Up Artist for Bobbi Brown about 8 years ago where I realized how much I love makeup but also that I was uncomfortable completely abandoning my Bachelors degree. Now I work in the corporate world.

As far as my personal fashion goes, I don't consider myself any kind of expert. I simply showcase my personal choices (not all of them are awesome). Personally, I am more interested in seeing how someone really wore something and where the heck they went whilst wearing it, so that's my goal. I gravitate toward those who repeat pieces, find great bargains, and really explain a little bit about their style choices, it's what brings me back, so that's what I aim to do here. I can promise you that everything you see on this blog is something I really wore to work, brunch, out with the girls, etc.

I'm your average girl with simple style. I get fulfillment from trying out new recipes, putting gifts together for friends, getting great deals on fancy shit, refreshing my beauty regimen, and tone deaf karaoke. I'm overly obsessed with my cat (#ellathefluffernugget yes, you can look her hashtag up) and pup (#albadog), a lover of science, sarcasm, deep thoughts, and human connection. I hope you enjoy all the things I am "coveting" from day to day as much as I do.