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August 24, 2011

I don’t really consider myself a go-to girl for fashion advice, but I recently received a request from a friend to do a post on Fall wedding fashions and felt up to the job (not to mention it was really fun putting the different looks together with the Paint program I haven’t used since 3rd grade). 
I also decided it was a fantastic time to do my first ever "co-post," so I have asked my very fashionable friend, Katie,  to do me the honor.  She always seems to be thinking outside of the box, yet manages to stay on trend.  I love being surprised by her wardrobe choices each day, so I thought it would be great to get her perspective on this particular topic. Everyone.. meet Katie :)

We’ve decided to tackle the job by each putting together two looks that we would actually buy and wear to a wedding this coming season.  It’s just too easy to hit cusp.com, pick a great $500 Alice+Olivia dress with designer accessories to match, and call it a day. While it's great to visit fantasy-land once and a while, neither of us are residents, so it's not very probable that we would actually do that.  The choices we’ve made are more down to earth, sprinkled with some basic pieces here and there that you can probably find in your closet already (gold strappys, black suede heels) so the idea isn’t to go out and buy all new stuff.  See our choices below!
Erin's Picks:

I recently purchased my first “peplum” skirt from H&M and I am in LOVE.  They are so flirty and romantic (and manage to hide my booty) so I was immediately drawn to this one.  I also really dig the navy, pink, and gold combo. This look would definitely be more for early-mid Fall while the weather is still comfortable.

I love the little bits of color that come through in the fabric of this dress,  you can basically wear any color jewelry with it for that reason, but I have been seeing green dangle earrings everywhere recently and now feel that I must get my hands on a pair.   

It looks like a thicker warmer material that I would definitely pair with sheer tights and bring a wrap in case it becomes colder in the evening.  I also love that the ripples in the ring mirror the layers on the dress.

Katie's Picks:

Fall for me is about COLOR (red, oranges, green, mustard yellow, rich blues of any shade).
Choosing an ensemble with fall colors and lighter weight fabrics allows me to be festive yet comfortable – because, as we all know; summer heat likes to linger a little too long. I love the bold red printed dress with the chunky grey suede heel. Adding a touch of shimmer in the belt and jewels dresses it up… and I am always a fan of mixing metals.

I thought I would also throw in a long sleeved idea – for when it does eventually cool off. Love the cut and color of this dress. I would pair with funky statement earrings (this DANNIJO pair would be a splurge and a half even at the sale price, but you get the idea) and unexpected pop of color on the toe. So fun!

Happy dress shopping!

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  1. Erin - I don't think you give yourself enough credit on the fashion front! Had a blast co-posting with you. :)


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