What happened to your old fashion focused blog?
Honestly, I just outgrew it. It was producing more stress than excitement so I decided to pivot into something that feels more suited to my current phase of life. I loved my blog so much I didn’t want to fully cut it out of my being altogether (it’s like a third pet), so this just felt like a nice place to land.

What is the difference between this “love journal” and your old blog?
Where I used to be focused mainly on outfit posts, some beauty posts, and occasional life updates, this space will be diary/journal style and be centered around my family, friends, and all the whole parts of my life and heart. I’ll write more about the things I want to remember, less frequent posting but less surface level.

I also made the decision that I will no longer accept any sponsorships. This is a hobby and not my job (I have one of those and it takes enough of my brain cells away), so this decision relieves me of any stress or pressure to produce content or create a “brand.” I may still link you to things you see here but they won’t be commission based links. Anything linked is purely for your convenience.

What happened to your old posts?
They live on! I tried to create a home for all of them in some corner or another. You can still find (most) of them under the “MAMA” tab, specifically in “Fashion Choices,” and “Beauty Things.”

Please let me know if you have a question you’d like me to answer here! I am reachable via the links below.

Shoot me an e-mail: Currently.Coveting@gmail.com
DM me on Instagram: @CurrentlyCoveting