July 18, 2016

..A Dress Made for Sunshine

The deets: J.Crew dress; GAP hat; Ray-Ban sunnies; Sam Edelman heels; Kate Spade bag.

If we hang out in real life, you are probably so sick of me and this dress...but I can't help myself! It's just the perfect summer outfit in my opinion. It's cotton, breezy, bright, and comfortable. I just love it and I wear it basically every weekend - especially when it's about 100 degrees for a week straight. 

Mike and I spent a Saturday walking through some free open museum houses in DC, stopped at some historical watering holes for fancy drinks (Off the Record in the Hay Adams and The Round Robin in the Willard) and ate at a GRILLED CHEESE bar (seen here). It was a day of fun in the sun that I won't forget. 

July 7, 2016

..Three Summer Vacation Styles with GHD


I have pretty terrible hair, naturally. I am not trying to gain sympathy here, but I have to use heat on it every-darn-day to get it to pick a side (straight or curly). Good products are KEY to doing this to your hair without going bald in the process. My new favorite hot tool is the GHD Marine Allure Professional 1" Styler. Full disclosure, I was gifted the product and extremely skeptical as I have a pretty stacked hair arsenal already, but I truly like it way more than the one I had been using because it just glides over my strands smoother and seems to be less damaging. It also is a less stiff movement about it which makes doing straightener curls easier. 

1. Straight with a little volume. Sometimes you just want something easy that will combat the heat and not go super flat in 10 minutes. To get this look separate your hair in to sections, then run your hot GHD over those sections until nice and glossy and straight. Then take the hair at your crown, spritz with hairspray, then using a fine tooth comb, tease it (some people call this "back-combing"). I also use an anti-humidity spray for this straight look. To keep things even simpler, I just swiped on some mascara to complete!

2. Curls. Use your GHD as a curler. I love wild curls in the summer, especially on vacation because you feel dressed up, but they are really easy to maintain when it's humid. I just let them do their thing and get crazier as the day goes on, scrunching and tossing them this way and that. Section off your hair as you would to straighten, but instead of running the pieces between the iron, wrap it around once so that it makes a loop and pull it down. When you are done use a hair spray to set. Since this is a little fancier, I put on mascara, primer, bronzer, concealer and a little highlighter to pretty myself up.

3. Polished waves. For a fancy night out to dinner or just for any date really, I like something a little more polished but still fun. Follow all of the above steps for curling your hair but tease the crown (like in the first look) and brush out the curls so they fall out a bit, then hit it with the hairspray to set.

See my unmakeuped, au-natural hair below and what this amazing little device can do to transform it!


June 30, 2016

..Four Favorites


1. I purchased these Quay beauties right before my Vegas trip and couldn't love them more. Cat eye, pink reflective, and under $60. 

2. I know everyone is all all about the red and blue berry desserts (which are great, and I've done myself before) but what's more american than rice krispy treats? How cuuuute are these?!

3. How many "Summer Reading Lists" have you seen come out this week from bloggers and news outlets? UGH, I KNOW I HAVE TO READ The Girls, I get it! Enough! I'm actually more of an audio over visual kind of gal (I hate watching Jeopardy with my fiance because I can't answer until I hear Alex finish saying the question out loud and he can just read them ahead an answer - my brain doesn't work like that). I have a monthly subscription to Audible which is life changing, so I'm more into this Summer listen list

4. One of my favorite beauty you-tubers always raves about this stuff so I tired it out and am in LOVE with the results - which you can see right now on my Snapchat!

June 28, 2016

..Birthday Dress

The deets: Jessie James Decker Kittenish dress; Stuart Weitzman heels; J.Crew clutch & earrings (similar for 40% off sale price); Kat Von D "lovesick" liquid lipstick; Knox Thomas Designs bracelet.

I turned 30 a couple weeks ago...that's right THIRTY. I feel like I should be sad and scared and on the verge of a breakdown (I totally did this on my 26th birthday) but I have more pep in my step than ever. I think it's just because as you get older you shed a lot of your self doubt and anxiety about what others will think of you. Not to say I wasn't way more nervous about posting this look than any other because of it's "sexy" factor in combination with my curvier shape, but I guess I just don't really feel like someone thinking I don't look stellar in it is the end of the world anymore. I wore this dress to Vegas and wanted to get another use out of it so my birthday dinner seemed like the perfect opportunity. I also just want to wear this unicorn clutch with EVERYTHING.

Oh and did I mention that one of my favorite humans designed it? I just LOVE JJD, like, I want to actually be her. That hunky husband, adorable children, and her quirky personality are basically my life goals. When she same out with this "Samantha Jones" dress I just had to have it. it looks like a lot of her stuff is sold out (sorry) but she restocks every month or so, just keep a lookout on her instagram


June 23, 2016

..Vegas Bachelorette!

Here are just a few snaps from my Vegas bachelorette party that was a couple weeks ago. We literally did IT ALL. We saw Calvin Harris at Omnia, we went to Saphires - a Magic Mike style show, we pool parited at Encore Beach Club, we danced on the tables of our private room in STK, we gambled (some won some lost), we bottle serviced at Intrigue, they threw me a poolside present party (WHAT?), we danced, danced, danced, & laughed, laughed, laughed. It was so awesome to have so many of my favorite ladies all together at one time, I can't even imagine how I will feel at our wedding.

The girls booked rooms in the Encore, which were amazingly huge with awesome views, and created a magical floaty dream world for me when I walked in. We had swans, flamingos, cupcakes, emojis, donuts, THE WORKS. They also made suuupa cute totes that had vegas-y things on them filled with so many presents I don't know how they did it. They had customized towels for everyone, kitty ears (they got teal ones and I got big white floral ones), BCBG scarves, statement earrings, and snacks. They killed it! It actually brought me to tears when I saw how much love and effort they were showing me (I mean, they had an air pump shipped there to make this happen). I feel like the luckiest human alive. I honestly just felt so special.

The kitty ears were awesome because I didn't want to go the matching tanks route (especially in a place were bachelorettes are a plenty) and, being the self-proclaimed cat lady that I am, it was a fun way for me to feel like the bride and for us to stick out in a different way. I was calling them my "kitten-squad" the whole trip and they were great conversation starters at the pool in combination with our flamingo drink floats.

If you are thinking about taking a Vegas trip soon, DO IT. Get your girls together, pack your most fun outfits, bikinis, & sunglasses, and GO. There really is nothing like it in the world.