March 24, 2017

..Irresistible Me Hair

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The deets: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions (I am wearing the silky touch line in Medium Brown #4 in 20 inch length)

This post is actually from the night of my wedding rehearsal dinner. It's a little late but I just found the photos my now husband took of me doing my hair and had to share! I have posted about Irresistible Me hair extensions last spring, post here, when I was a little blonder. Well it's the first week of Spring now so there is no better a time to revamp your look! I actually got another set when I dyed my hair back to all brown and all the amazing things I had to say about them then are still true.

My main gripe with faux hair is that I can usually tell when someone is using extensions due to the unnatural texture or the shorter hair is not mixed in seamlessly or it just looks like you rolled out of the Los Angeles barbie factory (no offense, that look is popular for a reason, it can be beautiful, it's just not my thing). These honestly feel like real hair, I wore them on my bachelorette and some of my friends didn't even realize I had them in which is my ultimate goal.

They are easy for an inexperienced person to put in, I even wore them to my actual wedding the next day (photo below), I had my hair stylist throw them in at the last minute and she had no problem. I like to wear my hair wavy with them so I curl them ahead of time and then after I curl all my own hair I clip them in for extra volume since my hair is pretty long already. I loved the end result and felt like a pretty princess the night of my rehearsal dinner! You get try them here.
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March 21, 2017



I wore these overalls to one of my besties mini's first birthday party. I figured if you can't wear them to a children's event, when the heck can you? But to be honest, I have broken them out waaaay more times than I assumed I would! They are super comfortable and easy. They make any day feel like Sunday at the farmers market. I have my eye on this short version so I can continue my overall obsession into the summer. Everyone should get a pair, they help you stay in touch with your playful side! I love that this particular pair is flared, I feel like a chick from That 70's Show.


March 1, 2017

..Sunnie Sale

BeFunky Collage

Okay not a "sunnie" sale per se, but Shopbop IS having their buy more save more event (use code GOBIG) which I think is a good time to invest in some staples since they don't ever usually go on sale like, EVER. Here are a few of my absolute work horses. Also this sunglasses box was a very good find on Amazon, under $17 (here).

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February 23, 2017

..New Orleans

The deets: Brixton hat; Quay sunnies; UO choker; Adidas sneakers; L'Academie dress; Coach backpack; J.Crew jean jacket; pins.

If I were a cat, my trip to New Orleans would have definitely shaved off a couple of my nine lives. It was unquestionably one of my all time favorite trips/cities. We didn't plan it, but it was the beginning of Mardi Gras when we went which may have been a contributing factor. NOLA was fully decked in it's best purple, gold, and green attire. The food was delicious, the people were gregarious and fun, the weather was pleasant, the bourbon flowed like water, and the music was top notch. What else can you really ask for? Aside from the awful hangover I would do it all again..and AGAIN! Below are the places I personally made it to and loved in case you found yourself here on a google search.

Cafe du Monde (beignets)
Pat O'Brien's (hurricane's)
Voodoo Authentica (voodoo magic)
Sylvain (dinner/drinks)
Ticklers Dueling Piano Bar (debouchery and live music)
Angeline's (dinner/drinks)
Blue Nile (music)
Maison (music)
Bamboula's (music)
Dat Dog (late night gator hot-dogs)
Cat's Meow (karaoke)


February 21, 2017

..OTK Boots for Curvy Girls


I never thought I would be someone who could rock over-the-knee boots. They seem like a thing reserved for the cooler, thinner, edgier women out there. Although hesitant, after a couple years of passing on the trend I decided to go for it when I read some reviews on these boots from other women who were curvier like me as my main concern was fitting them over my "American thighs." I was shocked to find they not only did they fit over but they fit over my jeans too! So any curvier women out there you should definitely buy these OTK boots. They aren't expensive and frankly aren't the MOST high quality but they get the job done. It was exciting to get to participate in the trend. I wore this out to Barrel & Bushel for a girls dinner a few weekends ago which was also something I would recommend. Super yummy! I had my bestie (and jewelry designer), Truly, snap some photos of my look before we left.