January 28, 2015

..Thoughts on Resolutions

All photos via instagram.

As we come to the end of the first month in 2015, I find myself feeling ready to take on the year in a way that I hadn't even felt on day one. I think because I finally had a four hour time span during my recent solo bus ride to NYC to pause and think about it. I know it's so faux pas to talk about how "busy" you are in life, and I know busy does not equal productive, however, I really do feel I have been so insanely busy over the last few months that I haven't had a lot of time to digest my life. A life that (thankfully) is filled with places to be, people to meet, things to celebrate including the start of a friends business, so many engagements, weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, family, travel plans, blog plans, work, date nights, pets, babies, happy hours, and repeat. Throw in a car accident and a couple ski trips and you have a pretty good picture of my current life.

As much of a blessing it is to have so many balls in the air, it is also taxing in ways you don't really think about when you are in the midst of pushing through. I constantly feel I am falling behind and then racing to catch up in different segments of my life (friendships, my blog, my heath, love, etc). It's like if I keep my focus on one thing for too long, the other things become blurry and I have to switch gears and repeat the process all over again, which brings be to the point of this post: Resolutions. Below are some of the resolutions I have come up with to bring more balance, happiness, and wellness to my already very full life.

1. Take a real vacation this year not related to a wedding, bachelorette, or holiday alone with the boyfriend (this is something we have never done in 8 years of dating).

2. Continue working on changing my perspective. This is something I have been working on for a couple of years now and I definitely feel a difference.

3. Actually drink the recommended amount of water every day, don't know why but this is so hard for me!

4. Be more financially responsible. Homes don't just buy themselves.

5. Keep investing in my best friends, they are people I want around far into my future.

6. Create more in general. Attempt new DIYs, try handmade gifts, paint, decorate, whatever it is, I want to spend more time physically creating things.

7. Be more unapologetic about who I am, what I want, who I love, and how I want to live while being easier on myself when I don't meet expectations. I want to be comfortable in my own life because I am the one who has to live it. No more excuses.

8. Take the leap and invest in a trainer. I have come to terms with the fact that I don't have it in me to do it alone and that is okay.

9. Schedule more "do nothing" time. Blocks during the weekend that aren't for blogging, grocery shopping, or brunches with the girls. More time to read with my cat by my side, go for a walk, or maybe even do more of  #7 on this list.

What are your resolutions this year? I would love to know! Find more of my out of character opinion-y posts here.

January 27, 2015

..Redken All Soft

The deets: REDKEN All Soft shampoo and heavy cream (they also make a conditioner).

Real talk: There are no outfits being photographed and no cute crafts or recipes up this week because this weather has me in full on hibernation this week. My hair is in bad shape because of it too, guys. The cold temps make me want to be in the warm shower every morning (and not skip a hair wash) which also prompts a hot blow dry followed by a trek in the freezing temps to the metro which dry out my face and scalp. Maybe it's just me but I would much rather have the summer frizzies than the winter flats. I hate that it somehow feels dry, flat, heavy, AND greasy all at once. I know these two products are on the pricier side but I promise you wont regret investing in them once you feel the difference. I can immediately feel the life creep back into my hair even in the shower before I dry it. It's amazing! Treat yo self.

January 23, 2015

..Work Wear on Repeat

The deets: J.Crew top (sans dots, similar dotted one), skirt (similar), & necklace (old but BB has SO many cute statement options); Madewell heels (love these; Balenciaga bag; Lancome "Pretty Burgundy" lipstick.

Happy Friday! I love this dotted boy shirt I picked up at J.Crew a while ago because it really goes with every single other work piece I have and adds just a touch of fun. I have lots of good things planned for myself this weekend including a girls dinner date at a favorite eatery and a quick trip to NY for a bestie's birthday full of yummy eats and festivities. You can follow me on the 'gram to see what kind of trouble I find. 

January 21, 2015

..Four Favorites


1. How cute are these Kate Spade "Dear Valentine" studs? They come in pink too! I am a sucker for anything heart shaped.

2. Really like this article on updating your makeup bag on any budget. There were some things on each of the four budget lists that I really want to try out now.

3. About that heart shaped sucker thing I spoke of, this is such an easy and adorable way to bring a semi-homemade v-day theme to those boxed brownies (or from scratch for you over-achievers out there).

4. This ap has changed my city girl life. Gone are the days of waiting in the awkward cigarette customer service line for quarters, which they will only ration out in 10 dollar amounts per trip, walking down to the creepy basement area of my apartment building, and then going up and down the stairs twelve times because I am horrible at correctly timing my wash cycles. Thank you laundry gods for brining Washio into my life. It's like Uber for your dirty laundry! Also you can get $10 off with code: haberman75190mv55.

January 19, 2015

..Spiked Gladiator Pumps

The deets: J.Crew crop sweater and skirt (other black pencil skirts); BCBGeneration heels; Ray-Ban sunnies; Balenciaga bag; Lancome "Wannabe" lipstick; Lisa Leonard necklace c/o, (other triangle necklaces); Michael Kors watch

I basically stalked the crap out of the Valentino (original) version of these heels but ultimately decided that in my world shelling out a grand for some shoes that are spiked is a level of crazy that can only be described as "Ashley S." There were many other knock-offs made (I even posted about some here) but I never purchased because I wasn't 100% sold on the quality. When I saw that BCBGeneration came out with these I got so excited because I trust the brand and also liked that they were made with real leather. I may just have to get the other colors! They aren't the original "Rockstuds" but they ARE super cute for less than 1/10th the price!