November 26, 2014



Above are just a handful of the reasons I have to be thankful for this life. My love, my pets, my family, my amazing friends who are also my family, my health, my job, my tiny apartment, this blog, and all the little moments that add up to make a life are my reasons to give thanks this season. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a holiday full of good eats and good company paired with some well deserved time off.

November 24, 2014

..Shopbop Sale!

..Shopbop Sale!
See anything that strikes your fancy from the goodies I have picked above? Well you can snatch them up on sale at Shopbop starting today with code GOBIG at checkout. YUP. Shopbop has an amazing selection of designer gifts, and while do realize that not everyone is really in the market to spend their entire months rent on fancy pants gifts, if you ARE planning on surprising someone special with some serious luxury year, this is the time and place to do it as there are no brand restrictions and it includes sale stuff too! That is a HUGE deal. Do the right thing.

Kidding..but kind of serious if I'm on your gift list (insert angel emoji here).


November 23, 2014

..Sonix iPhone Cases

So how adorable is my new iPhone case? The fact that I needed a new phone after loosing mine at a super fun wedding is another story, but in any event, I was recently in the market for a new case. As the 6 hasn't been out all that long I found the selection to be much less than what I had available with the 4s (yes I was still using it). When I came across the Sonix ones I was really drawn to the designs so I thought I would share in case anyone else was in my same situation or just looking to dress up their mobile.

November 21, 2014

..The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Wrapped above: Victoria's Secret robe; Kate Spade (similar) earrings & necklace; J.Crew makeup bag; Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit.

I know I am always talking up my friends up on here but I can't help it you guys. They are the Now this is not to say I haven't had other AMAZING bridesmaid gifts this year because I have, I even wore the bling I got in the last wedding as my accessories to this one! The thing is I just so happened to get a gorgeous photo of what an amazing wrap job my friend did and just had to share on here. She killed it right? The bottom box contains a cute navy blue silk kimono (last seen here), the tulle wrapped circular boxes contain Kate Spade earrings and a matching necklace, there is a fabulous J.Crew makeup bag poking out of the back and a glittery Minimergency Kit (which is the best thing ever, I usually keep one in my bag). See below for very similar items you could use to recreate it.
..The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

November 18, 2014

..They're Real Mascara Review

The deets: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in "Mont Blanc," "Laguna" bronzer; Bobbi Brown "Peony" blush; Laura Mercier "1" concealer; MAC "Mystery" shadow in brows & as eyeliner; Bobbi Brown lip pencil in "Brown" used as lipstick with Burt's Bees balm; Benefit "They're Real" mascara. Cute robe is from VS and was a bridesmaid gift.

We all have that special group of products that are on that very short "if runs out, must replace immediately" list. This mascara is on my list. At roughly $23 a tube (which is my only gripe, I know it's not the most budget friendly) I don't use it everyday because that would be crazy, but on the weekends, or any time I want to look my glam-iest, you can bet your booty I am going to swipe on some They're Real mascara. It is basically the closest thing you can get to magic potion. While I have raved about this product before, below I have actually photographed my lashes with one side au natural (the rest of my makeup is done) and one side with the mascara. It is just crazy how many lashes come literally out of nowhere. This I swear to you is ONLY the mascara, no falsies added at all! Not to be pun-y but this shiz is the real deal.