November 15, 2017

..Comfort is Life

The deets: Pashmina Collection dress (c/o); J.Crew satin shoes ( sold out, similar under $50); Clare V. clutch (similar under $45); Ray-Ban sunnies (similar under $20); Top Shop jacket; Kat Von D liquid lip-stain.

Do you ever feel like your style is hindering your health? Okay, I know that is suuups dramatic but I swear my affinity for sky high heels all through my twenties has really taken a toll on my feet and knees. These days I am always on the lookout for items that are in line with my fashion aesthetic but also comfortable (thank you athleisure, block heels, crossbody bags, and high waisted jeans) because now that I am in my 30's comfort is LIFE. When I was perusing the Pashmina Collection website this pretty, long sleeved, turtlenecked, midi was an easy choice (also loved this one). When it arrived in the mail I was so happy to see how soft and cozy it was. It moves like a dream and is magically a piece that could work for a date night, causal family holiday meal, work, or even just a low key weekend spent on the couch. I really don't feel like there are many dresses out there that can do ALL THOSE THINGS. I'm not typically an all black everything kind of girl so of course I added some pops with my shoes, sunnies, and clutch. Anything that is acceptable to wear in public that also feels like PJ's is a win in my book!

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November 13, 2017

..Customized Style

The deets: eShakti dress (c/o) (exact print is sold out but this is the same cut); Aerosoles boots; Micharl Kors bag (similar, similar under $40); Knox Thomas Designs necklace; J.Crew jacket (sold out, similar); Express scarf (sold out, similar under $20).

I am calling this post "Customized Style" because as it happens both my dress and boots were tweaked to my liking. I wore this out to dinner and then again the next day to a baby shower (#outfitrepeater). My dress is from eShakti where you can basically alter anything you want based on height, etc. I picked this pattern (similar versions here, here, and here) and had the sleeves made full length because I knew I'd want to be wearing it in the winter for a little extra warmth. You can also pick any fabric you see on the site and pair it with any shape which is the coolest thing!

I also purchased these boots because they were super comfortable (walk-able to the metro for work) and I liked the style save for the rope tassels. I got them anyway and wore them around that way for a week or so but after taking a little insta-story poll decided to give them the snip and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It takes a lot of #bravery to take scissors to new suede boots, LET ME TELL YA.

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November 2, 2017

..Sweet Stripes

The deets: Madewell jeans (similar under $65); J.Crew tee; Sam Edelman shoes; Chanel sunnies (similar under $20); Alexander Wang bag (similar under $110); Kat Von D liquid lipstick in "Bachelorette."

Are you guys sick of my jeans and tee shirt styles yet? It's my favorite weekend attire so I hope not. I love this tee because its my favorite basic (stripes) but has a sweetness to it with the added ruffles. I wore it a couple weekends ago when my cousin was visiting me from NJ and I know it's November now but during her trip here in DC it was DEVASTATINGLY beautiful out. Like 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky. We grabbed some cocktails at Pepita and then went to check out the Harry Potter pop up bar in Adams Morgan which was pretty awesome (they had cocktails named things like "Expecto PATRONum" (if you love HP like I do you know that's a very clever play on words). I also wore this top on a boat ride during my Charleston trip because it's like so #nautical too! 

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October 26, 2017

..Beauty for a Good Cause: Clarins & Arthritis

The deets: Clarins Tonic Body Oil Treatment.

I know October is usually all about the Pink for breast cancer awareness (which is awesome) but I have discovered another beauty product from one of my absolute favorite brands that is doing some good for another cause: Arthritis. 

There aren't too many days left in the month but all of October, if you purchase a 3.3oz. bottle of Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil they will make a special donation on your behalf to the Arthritis foundation and you will be gifted a pretty navy blue ribbon bracelet which is color of the fight against Arthritis.

The way this all started is Jacques Courtin-Clarins, whose wife was suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis, founded the Association for Polyarthritis Research in 1989. Today, as a tribute to their beloved mother and grand-mother, the Courtin-Clarins family supports the Fondation Arthritis (a French non-profit with the mission to advance early diagnosis, new therapeutic pathways, and restore hope for millions of patients).

1 Tonic Body Treatment Oil* sold = 1 donation to fund research

And let me tell you about the actual product because like their other skin treatments (just included one in my last beauty round up here), it's pretty great. It's made with 100% pure plant extracts, smells like bitter orange, geranium, basil and chamomile essential oils which remind me of being in a spa - soothes the senses and relaxes. It also is wonderful for the dry skin on my legs!

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October 18, 2017

..How to be the Worst Blogger Ever


Step 1: Post as scarcely as possible. Go ahead an miss a week or two to make people wonder if you've quit all together.

Step 2: When you decide to come back, make sure it's with an outfit that any two year old could put together. Really underwhelm 'em. I will say I love the little bell sleeves on this sweater though.

Step 3: Don't even bother doing you hair or checking for stains on said stellar look. It's only the internet

And there you have it! If ever you need more direction on how to phone in it blog wise please reach out - I got you (but for real please don't stop visiting this blog I promise I'll have more content soon..ish).

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