Labor & Delivery Nurse Thank You Bags

August 3, 2020


When prepping for baby to come, as I did last time around (see the gifts I made for Isla's nurses here), I include nurse thank yous on my list of things to pack for my hospital bag. I know not everyone does them or maybe brings in some donuts or treats for the staff once they are there, which is also great! The only issue I heard about that is sometimes the staff rotates and then the people who were actually helping you don't end up getting them. I was really happy I had these bags on hand last time and loved knowing each of those angels that guided me through this huge scary painful (and kind of gross) life event walked away knowing I was so thankful for them! I wish I had stuffed MORE into them after seeing what they actually have to do for you. Nurses are the STARS OF THE SHOW. Your Dr. pops in literally to like catch the baby and then is out five minutes later. The nurses are there calming you down, easing your pain, checking your dilation, bringing you all the things, then cleaning you and your baby up, coming back hourly to make sure everything is going well, and in my case - saving your child's life multiple times from coughing up meconium swallowed in the womb. These little gestures are the absolute least I can do in return. I think it's a sweet surprise for the staff as well since it's not totally common to have individual bags.


Silicone Key Ring: these are all the rage right now since you can just slide on your wrist like a bracelet and go while you hold your books, baby, groceries, whatever! I saw these sparkly baby blue ones with gold rings and had to have them!

Silky Hair Scrunchies: I mean scrunchies are having a major moment. I did hair ties last time but I see these everywhere I go now and I am pretty sure one of the bachelorette's has even started her own line of them. We had them personalized so recipients would know who they were from too.

Vaseline Lip Therapy: Okay Vaseline is my ONE AND ONLY for rough skin. ALWAYS (see this post). I have tried all the things and its just the best hands down. I love their Rosy Lips and included them in Isla's bags but as pink was not going to go with my "theme" I went with the original. 

Card: This came as a suggestion from someone who is a nurse! They really appreciate a thank you note more than you know.

Blueberry Larabars: I picked blueberry for the color but also it's my favorite flavor of them. Larabars are great because they are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free so you hit a lot of food restrictions. I heard that breakfast or meal bars are good for medical professionals working crazy hours.

Ghirardelli Chocolate: This one is a just for fun. Who doesn't love sea salt caramel gourmet chocolates? Last time I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for them but figured that with everything going on COVID-wise, it might not be as well received and would be best to make sure everything came individually wrapped.

SIDE NOTE! I would definitely call your hospital to make sure you can bring gifts in before assembling them. My hospital had just lifted their restrictions when I asked about a month ago. I also am extremely over prepared when it comes to packing/life events and I was worried about shipping times on Etsy with this pandemic going on, so these were finished up pretty early but I am not mad about it! I like to have my entire bag packed and ready to roll out the door by roughly 36 weeks just in case. 

I also personally just enjoy putting these together, it's one of my favorite parts of preparing for baby's arrival. I can't resist a good theme anything so of course I went floral and pink with Isla and now full blue/navy for baby brother. I am who I am, folks. I'm just embracing it! Also how cute is my litter helper?

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