Family Beach Weekend in Nags Head, NC

July 14, 2020

The deets: Amazon maternity suit on me; GAP kids suit and Target suit on Isla; hat is old MANGO but similar here; shorts are old Ingrid and Isabel maternity similar here; Sunnies were from Oui Fresh but they have since closed, here are similar adult and kids versions.

Lets just start by saying WOW what a change of scenery for us from the last ~100 days of quarantine life. It was so very needed and so good to get out of our bubble. We felt totally safe the whole time, we stayed in a big house with two other families that have been really careful and didn't really venture out anywhere but the beach which was across the street so I want to get that out of the way.

When a spot opened up in a beach house our friends were throwing together last minute we jumped on the opportunity to see Nags Head, NC for the first time. It was just a four hour drive from us which is basically the same as traveling to my family up in NJ so it didn't seem like to much of a task. Isla, however, is in a phase where she hates being in the car seat from the first minute we put her in so we attempted the leave at bedtime strategy which was actually pretty successful! The way home was torture since we didn't do the same. Also the swelling in my extremities is insane this pregnancy so after we emerged from the car I basically had no ankles - the cold ocean was a nice relief. 

Isla was hesitant to say the least. Day one was a little overcast and she spent basically the entire time on a chair sitting on one of us but did have some fun floating in the private pool after. Day two was better she ventured off the towel and started putting sand on Mike and playing around with the beach toys and in little bits of water away from the shoreline. By day three she was still terrified of the ocean but would have us fetch her pails of water to play with at a safe distance. My goal is to have the family on the beach at least once a Summer since that's what I grew up doing and we initially were headed for Delaware in June but the trip was cancelled due to Covid. I am so happy we got here! Here are some pictures I took of days 2 and 3. So grateful for good friends and my little (growing) family.


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