Baby #2 Coming October 2020!

May 29, 2020

The deets: Gal Meets Glam Dress on me; Isla's jellies + sweater (dress is old); photos by Rebecca Honeycutt Photography.

I am thrilled to announce that we'll be welcoming a new baby BOY into our family this October (see Isla's pregnancy announcement here)! We always planned to have another baby pretty close to Isla turning two for a multitude of reasons and got really lucky (we used this same tool). They will be almost exactly two years and one month apart. I am happy I get to reuse all my same maternity clothes and we can also use some of Isla's neutral stuff for him since we'll be in the same seasons for size.  

My morning sickness kicked off literally week 5-6 which is SO early but since I had been through this before I didn't have to wait until 10 weeks to chat with a Dr. and get some help. I have a lot of feelings about being pregnant/possibly giving birth during a pandemic but also found the one silver lining which is that I was spared my 50+ minute bus commute during much of my most sick weeks. Did I still vomit most days between 6-15 weeks? Yup, but at least I got to do it from the comforts of my own home and sweatpants, right? 

While this pregnancy was pretty similar in how nauseous I felt (started to let up right around week 17 - same as last time) it was/is still so much different than my first in a lot of ways. With Isla, my sickness was steady all day. With baby boy, I would wake up feeling okay and then slowly decline throughout the day, peak vomit time being around dinner. I am also SO MUCH more tired. The Dr. says it's because I also have a toddler this time around but it really feels like much more than that. I physically can't keep my eyes open at some point in the afternoon no matter how much or little I do that day. I literally feel like I took NyQuil and need at least 45 mins to function (another COVID-19 silver lining - I usually can while Isla naps). My cravings are also so different! With Isla I couldn't get enough dairy, bread, and sweets. This time, while I still WANT those things, they make me feel so weird after I eat them. I crave brine-y/salty/spicy things. I actually wanted to DRINK the salty vinegar juice that a jar of hot peppers came in (WHAT, WHY?). I also was so grossed out by meat last time that I would wear a mask around the house when Mike cooked it, while this time I was into meat the whole time. Strange, right? I guess some of the old wives tales are true.

I am currently in my 20th week and can't believe baby boy is HALF WAY BAKED! It's going by so fast and I feel like I am not able to cherish this special time like I did before. Going to try to slow down a bit and enjoy it this summer since it's likely my last baby. 


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