We Bought a House!

February 18, 2020


So that empty plot of land I mentioned we bought back in this post, well, it's DONE! We closed on it January 2nd of 2020 and it was the best way to kick of the New Year. We of course had to have a little champagne to celebrate, and my husband was sweet enough to think of having the same exact kind that we had when we got engaged (he is truly the best sometimes).  All in all it was much less eventful than we thought, just a lot of signing paper and then they handed us the keys! We both felt a little, "uh...they are actually letting us have this grown up house no questions asked...WHAT?" 

Okay, so there totally were questions asked, obviously, during the approval for the loan, but it had taken place SO far in advance (house took eight months to complete with permitting taking about four of those months) that it felt like we just showed up and they handed us this awesome house. We thought there would be more drama involved since we had heard so many other stories that were the opposite experience but I guess that's when you are selling/buying at the same time and we were lucky enough to have all the time in the world to wait while we crashed at my in-laws who live 5 minutes from our new home. We actually just moved in a few weeks ago, really taking our time to fully transition.

It's a much (understatement) larger space than we come from so decorating has been a slow, expensive process. We still have empty rooms but I am happy to take my time and get things right that feel good instead of just throwing anything into the spaces to fill them. I'll share the rooms as they start to take shape. Our style isn't for everyone and I'm not a professional (don't want anyone to think I'm trying to be a home blogger) so I get intimidated to share things, especially when it feels like everyone lives in a picture perfectly designed house on Instagram, but it's a really fun process for me and 100% a labor of love so why hold back? It's exciting. They're just room outfits, right? 

Anyway, this year has already been a really great one for my family. Glad to be able to share it and so thankful to you if you are reading this! 


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