Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2020


Oh, hello! It's me, Erin. If you're seeing this I'm the person you used to follow along with via this very blog. Then I had a baby, had to figure out what to do with said baby, realized babies are expensive AF, got super focused on my career, went through the process of building and buying a house, that baby turned one (here is a video I worked unnecessarily hard on of her first year), moved twice in the process (thank you in-laws), transitioned to suburban life, and here I am again. That baby is now almost 18 months! 

I took a very, very long break from the blog. The longest I ever have (eight months!) because I needed it. My time was just split too razor thin to allocate out any more of it, and it still is, but I knew it wasn't a "goodbye forever," it was a "see you later." Whenever I break for a long time I eventually feel like I've lost part of my voice, my creative side starts to tingle and misses taking photos, editing them, and then sharing them paired with a little writing. I like having something to say, even if it's just about food, or clothes, or home decor (which I now am pretty consumed with). 

I dusted off my camera, and with a small nudge from my mother-in-law, decided to do a little V-day shoot of my mini. I am embarrassed to say the last time I took real non-iPhone photos of her was when she was just six months old. I felt reluctant at first even to dig it out, almost as if I had betrayed a good friend or something ridiculous. As if a camera could hold a grudge! As soon as I started clicking it was like  riding a bike, and I realized how much I missed it. 

So here, without anyone asking for them, are some cute photos of my almost 1.5 year old daughter. She's as sweet as can be, this age is insanely exhausting because she is basically trying to kill herself every five minutes, but also so rewarding because they love you fiercely and are always learning new things.  As all biased parents say, she's my favorite.


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