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September 6, 2011

Everyone knows that long romantic eyelashes make any girl (and boys for that matter- Lafayette from TrueBlood anyone?) look more fabulous instantaneously. The celebs don’t mess around when it comes to this. They go straight for the falsies for every big event and I have to admit, if I were rich and famous I would probably have my false eyelash specialist over every day to glam me up (yes that is a REAL profession) as my one indulgence. The problem is that when you don’t pick the right ones, or apply them correctly, you end up looking more like a drag-queen than Kim Kardashian.  Below I have listed some major do’s and don’ts when faking it.

  • Always always always curl your eyelashes first. It will help the natural lashes blend with the fake ones.
  • If you are using the single strips, once you have found ones that are a good length and fullness for your eye shape, cut a little off from the inside corners of your eyes.  You don’t need them to go all the way in- the outside really is what counts.
  • If you are planning on wearing eyeliner, do it first (you can actually do all of your makeup first).

  • EVER buy ones that look even remotely like picture A.  Notice how there isn't really any shape and they are way to thick to look at all natural.  Unless you are channeling your inner Rupaul, pick something a little more like option B.

My favorite kind of falsies are the individual lashes.  While this does take a tiny bit more skill (not too much more) you can control the amount of drama you want to achieve, and they look the most realistic. I have outlined how to do this below on my friend Rosanne who was a good sport and let me take pictures of her while prepping for her big day!

1. Curl lashes (I like to blow-dry my curler a little to really set the curl with a some heat).

2. Use tweezers to apply the glue to the end of the lash and wait for 5 seconds or so to let the glue get sticky. I like to use glue that dries black but the kind that starts white and dries clear is fine (shown here).  The only formula I really dislike is the one that is clear initially.  It is SO hard to remove (you need a solution) and sometimes you end up pulling out your real lashes with the fake ones, ouch.  It often comes in starter kits like the one shown so beware!


3. Apply longest ones to the outside corners and work your way in.  You will see the effect as you go and can stop when you think you’ve reached your optimal glam.

4. Apply a coat of mascara to all the lashed when they are dry to really bring them all together.

5. Voila – Is she not the prettiest bride? (even without the extra lash magic)

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