..Nail Dress-Up

September 2, 2011

Well, I may have had a relapse or two since my last post, but I have recently discovered a great new way to pimp out my nails that is also conducive to my efforts to quit biting (who could ruin such a pretty paint job?).  I know it may seem a little silly, but I am in love with Sally Henson’s new “Salon Effects” nail polish strips.  I at first laughed when my mom handed them to me, but now can’t wait to try a new combo (I’m thinking deep red/brown/black and these leopard print ones called "Kitty Kitty" when the fall really sets in).  I only use them as an accent, I'm not aiming to get too wild and crazy (I don't want to turn heads here), just enough to give them a little something extra.  They are super easy to apply which is a MUST for new beauty products.  Just find your size, peel, stick, cut to the correct length, and polish with top coat.  I have on OPI's "Rumple's Wiggin" and Sally Hansen's "Girl Flower." Try em out, I'm hooked!

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