December 6, 2011

As you know, I signed up for the "Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap" a few weeks ago and the swapping is in full swing.  The first batch I got in the mail was from Georgie at  They were (let me break this down) brown butter-cranberry-maple-shortbread cookies topped with TOASTED white chocolate chips (a.k.a. perfection)! Did I hit the jackpot with this swap or what?  They were AMAZING!  My only complaint is that there were only 12 of them, seriously if someone told me they were poisoned I'd consider eating them anyway.  My life is now complete (and these photos just don't do them justice).  I can't wait for her to post her recipe on the 12th I NEED to try them on my own!

She even threw in a cute little cupcake tatoo! Love this touch!


  1. Hmm cookies!
    Join my giveaway!

  2. Looks so delish!

    xo Ashleigh

  3. I would love to join this because I am a big fan of cookies. I'm a terrible baker though so it wouldn't be fair to anyone else!

  4. wow! so cute and look so yummy!


  5. yummmmmmmmmmmm lucky you
    i wish i would of heard from this swap
    i would of totally joined

    ♥ melina

  6. These sound delicious and the wrapping and little cupcake tattoo are too cute. What a fun swap!

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  8. Oi, that looks ever so delicious!
    Love the tag.
    Love the cookies.

  9. YAY! MWAH! Thank you so much. I kinda wish I was paired up with you, your cookies look so delicious!


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