January 2, 2012

I find it so daunting to make a list of things I am going to stick to for an entire year (okay maaaybe that just makes  me a lazy-pants) but last year I created 12 small resolutions to complete in each month of the year and I found it to be much more manageable.  In 2012 I think I want to take on a wee bit more so I've come up with 22 resolutions (or more of just a list of things I want to accomplish), and I will pick a couple to complete each month.  The starred ones are for January.  Mike and I started the first day 2012 off with an early morning walk with the pup through Georgetown.  It was actually nice because many of the stores were closed and the streets were pretty empty and I didn't even need a winter coat!  It was gorgeous out aaand I got to use my new camera toy.  1/1/12 = win for me.

A little left over sparkle from NYE:
First coat - silver sparkles from Forever 21, second coat - Jewel FX in gold
I maaay have made a stop at J.Crew (shopping bag on arm).

  1. Create a workout routine I am comfortable with (I know I know, so cliche but my sneakers literally have dust on them and I have a gym at work AND in my apt. building..I am shamed)*
  2. Eat salad for two meals a week because I need more nutrient rich-veggies in my life (again, I basically live in the same building as a Sweet Green...shame).
  3. Celebrate my sisters b-day with her in some way even though she lives in another state*
  4. Plan annual Vegas girls retreat.
  5. Give up alcohol for an entire month.
  6. Finish at least three books.
  7. Enter a 5K (horrifying).
  8. Create master plan to have my long lost cousin FINALLY come visit me.
  9. Give up bread for one month.
  10. Be kick-ass bridesmaid by helping to plan a kick-ass bachelorette/shower.
  11. Create my own Erin-holiday by treating myself to a whole day of fun at a spa (or something fun like that).
  12. Give up chocolate for one month.
  13. Plan a tropical vacation.
  14. Drink more water (16 oz/day).
  15. Convince brother and his girlfriend to come visit me.
  16. No shopping for an entire month.
  17. Really quit biting nails (I'm half way there).
  18. Find new facial routine.
  19. Lay on a beach at least 10 separate times.
  20. Redesign my bedroom.
  21. Redesign my living-room.
  22. Learn a how to cook fish/seafood.


  1. Great list! I've been trying to quit biting my nails for ages!

    xoxo, H

  2. Give up bread?! I would die.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful start to the new year :) I really like the idea of making a list of resolutions and then completing a few every month. You have an awesome list. Although, I definitely don't think I could give up chocolate or bread for a month!

  4. That's a lovely resolution list! I wish you all the good luck charm to succeed :) aw, I LOVE Georgetown!!! A piece of my heart will always belong to D.C. as I used to live there too... You look gorgeous darling, and have a very Happy New Year!!!
    Good luck!


  5. Enter a 5k, I should do this-seriously. I can barely run though... Love the resolutions.. I HOPE I can to the beach several times this year. LOVE the nail shine.

  6. That's a lond list! I wish you good luck an a lot of fun in the new year!

  7. great list! (: happy 2012 by the way!


  8. such a wonderful list. i especially like celebrating your sister's birthday with her. i wish i could do that too. . . sadly sister lives in mexico. maybe a surprise trip?!


  9. Wow Erin...you are ambitious :) But these are all great resolutions!!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. What a fun list! I like the idea of an Erin-holiday lol. Too cute =)

  11. love your glittery nail polish! i can relate your new year resolution, "Redesign my bedroom" >> i want to do the same :D keep in touch <3


  12. This is an awesome list! I love how well-rounded it is with bits about family, redesigning rooms, vacation, and healthy choices! The best of everything!!

    Hope your 2012 is awesome :)

  13. Wow! that is quit the list!! i feel like such a resolution-under-achiever... i just want to learn a few more go-to recipes! And....... drink more wine! ;)


    xo, vanessa (the gal)


    (ps: I'd love to follow each other, if you're in. i couldn't find you under my "members"... so xo, from your newest follower!)

  14. So many resolutions, but they all sound great! I don't know if I could give up bread for a whole month lol, but good luck, I know you can do it! I hope 2012 is a great year for you!


  15. I think your idea to take on new resolutions each month is great! It makes new years resolutions so much more manageable!

  16. Totally love the 'have an erin holiday' resolution. I think everyone needs a day to themselves.

    And the one about eating more salad. That is totally me too. I love salad but do not eat enough of it.


  17. I like the plaid shirt! So cute ;)

    Good luck on your goals! Cooking fish is really easy .. if you live near a whole foods you can buy fresh fish and they'll tell you what to do. Usually I just bake in the oven for about 18 min and then broil it the last 3 (to make it crispy on top). Salmon is my favorite!

    Happy New Year

    With Love From, Michigan

  18. Pretty pictures! I love your sparkly nails and the plaid top!! I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a resolution list! I'm not sure I could give up chocolate for a day, let alone a month!! But I'm with you on the tropical vacay. Can we leave now please? xx Natalie

    Oh, cute blog name btw!

  19. Ok I've been looking for nail polish just like that! Very NYE appropriate :). Also, right there with you on drinking more water..... and not biting my nails ahhh i'm the worst at this... Good luck! Those all look achievable, you can do it :)

  20. I like so much what i see here.


  21. ooo great resolutions, good luck on the 5k :)

  22. Great resolutions!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  23. what nice resolutions for 2012! mine is just for my blog is to be bigger, hehe


  24. Don't give up a month of alcohol the same month as the vegas girls retreat.. ha! That would be no fun! I love this list... little ways to improve yourself and happiness. I need to work on mine (i think i'll add stop procrastinating to that list)

    xo everything-pretty.com

  25. I really do love your resolutions! I'm so sorry but I'm going to have to steal some of them and use it myself! [; Lots of luck on the 5K, it's really manageable (I have completed 6 full marathons already and from experience, I'd have to say the hardest part is being mentally strong. As long as you tell yourself that you can do it, you CAN!)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! It was such a pleasant surprise and I'm so glad you did, since your blog is so wonderful and I suspect that I'll have much to learn from you [:

  26. i'm your newest follower :)
    love your new years' resolutions... especially 1, 14, 16
    not shopping for a whole month!? let us know how it goes!

  27. Number 8 is my favorite, not only because it happens to be my favorite number but also because I miss you and will definitely visit this year :)


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