..A Steal on Espedrille Heels

April 30, 2012

Stuart Weitzman "Alex" - $365
Steve Madden "Fantasik" - $32

 Dear DC Weather,

Please stop being such a bipolar monster. Our jackets should be going into hibernation, the air should be filled with the smell of grills everywhere rejoicing in their revival, day-drinking should be making it's comeback any minute now, and pretty espadrille shoes like those above should be making their way to my feet.  Instead you tease us with glorious sun shiny days just to then rip them from us and slide in cold rainy wintery wind in it's place. CUT. IT. OUT. You sneaky little curmudgeon!

P.S. Pretty sweet deal I came across here, eh?



  1. I am getting ready to do an (probably unnecessary) stock up on wedges for the s/s season. I cant wait! I hope you get some wedge weather soon

  2. Those are pretty fantastic esp for the price! I know what you mean about weather it just needs to make up its mind I want to wear cute outfits! lol


  3. I love an espedrille in Summer! Nice deal you found too:)

  4. These are a total steal! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Wow what a good deal!! Love it!


  6. The weather is crazy in Jersey too. It's pouring rain today but at least it's warm. Steve Madden always has great steals!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. This time last week, we had a frost that killed off some of our Spring flowers, and I was wearing my boots & a jacket. Yesterday, I was out by the pool sweltering in the glorious heat! Our weather has been pretty bipolar too but hopefully May means Summer is here to stay! LOVE the shoes btw...

  8. I agree - I am craving the smell of a grill right about now :) Love those wedges - SO cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. What a great find! The weather here is pretty crazy too, so I feel your pain!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I yell at the weather sometimes too ;) I can't believe that I woke up and it's raining today! AND without the news warning us for a week prior that is may rain! That's crazy for LA weather. Love the shoes! Especially the $32 price tag!

    xo's, vanessa

  11. Sorry about the weather, Erin...I will be bitching about the Texas weather in about a month when it's like 112 degrees outside. We get like one month of Spring around here...I got those espadrilles last year and have almost worn the soles off...they are my faves!!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  12. That's pretty sweet deal. I just don't get it why someone want to pay for $325 Espadrille instead of $32. They looks similar to me. maybe the quality?? whichever I will go for the cheap one of course ;)


  13. wow, those look exactly the same...such a good find for the price!

    xo erica

  14. have you seen these Target bad boys for only $25... http://www.target.com/p/Women-s-Mossimo-Pam-Rope-Wedge-w-Braided-Straps-Assorted-Colors/-/A-13793119#?lnk=sc_qi_detailimage
    At that price you my as well get 2 - one pair for this year, and the other for when they start to break down. At $25, I don't even mind if they only last a year or so!
    They are on my get list!

  15. That's a girl steal! I love those shoes! I want to add a black pair and a navy blue pair to my collection!

  16. A girl steal AND a GREAT steal. Lordy! How is it only Tuesday???

  17. VERY sweet deal!! I am in the market for some fun black espedrilles and these are stellar! Also, we are experiencing 'bipolar' days in Texas...but not so much cold..just sunny, cool, rainy, windy, humid and hot ALL in one day!
    xo, Jessica

  18. Let's send that "bipolar monster" note to NC as well!

  19. I love those shoes, and such a great price! Hope your weather warms up! I live in san Diego, and our weather has been weird here. Some days it's warm, sweaty even, and then other days it's cool and windy and gray. Geez, weather.


  20. Oh man I have been looking for the Fantasik heels in my size since last season. I'm dying. I actually bought a similar pair on Call It Spring and then they emailed me saying they lied, they were actually out of stock. My heart was broken(still is actually).
    In other news. I saw a young college student with an interesting outfit that I wanted your two cents on. She work a cute little sheath dress and then a mini skirt over it. To the point where the sheath actually stuck out of the bottom of the mini skirt. Personally I was horrified, but I thought you might have a better idea of how to pull this off since you've done the dress-cum-shirt look before.


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