..A Vineyard Bachelorette Party

October 16, 2012


There's nothing like spending a day with great people in the crisp October air indulging in brunches, limo rides, wine tastings, and over all bachelorette debauchery.  My friend Katie's bash was super fun and unbelievably well planned.  There were adorable meticulous details sprinkled throughout the day that continued to impress me from the "Happily Ever After" wine stoppers and handmade Swarovsky wine charms included in the favors (genius for keeping track of our glasses) to the delicious tea sandwiches, cupcakes, and lingerie cookies (so cute) that were brought out at the last vineyard right as the sun was going down and hunger struck again.  Her bridesmaids were AH-MAZING. Can't wait for the wedding!

Can you believe these views?  Most of these photos were captured with my iPhone and don't do them justice, but it was really breathtaking.  If you are in the DC area I suggest you get out to some of the gorgeous vineyards before October ends.  It's beautiful!



  1. This literally just made me realize I want to have my bachelorette at the vineyards in Newport RI (I should probably get engaged first but whatever... I'm a planner)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, what a unique place to have a bachelorette party!


    New post! Let me know what you think, thank you :)

  3. I had my bachelorette party (partially) at a winery! Not quite the same as a whole doggone vineyard, but it's was nice to start out the party on a classy note (and then it got progressively unclassy as the night went on...) Hope you had fun!

    Sarah's Real Life

  4. What a trendy group of gals. Looks like a fun time. Loving the butt cookies.

  5. Looks like fun! love the details! newest follower!



  6. Hi there again Erin. I am your newest follower and I left you a detailed comment on your "Dresses with Blazers" post so check that out.

    I am loving the idea of a Bachelorette Party on a vineyard. Sounds so pretty, unique and organic. And for a big wine lover like me that would be something I would def. enjoy. Loving all the favors here and your girls' relaxed styles.

    So stop by my page when you have a minute and I hope you can follow me as well. I have enjoyed seeing and reading your blog thus far. Thank You, Ada. =)

  7. This is incredible! Sounds like my kinda party!! Glad you ladies had fun:)

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  9. What an awesome idea for a bachelorette party - looks like you girls has so much fun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. This has to be one of my favorite bachelorette party ideas...so much more up my alley than a huge club or las vegas (although I'm sure that would be a blast, too!). Love those cookies!

    The Glossy Life

  11. This sounds like a fabulous day! I've been to the Chrysalis winery but it was one of those 100+ degree days in July so it wasn't as enjoyable as it probably could have been. I bet it is wonderful in the Fall. You all look so cute and cozy!

  12. that looks fabulous! Wine and an afternoon with the girls - perfection! Seems like you have had a wedding season just as crazy as my own!


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