November 15, 2012

..Nomaterra Fragrances

I just stumbled across the most fun new way to rep your city - Nomaterra perfumes.  That's right, a fragrance!  The company makes signature scents based on real staples from that city.  D.C.'s got hints of cherry blossom yet is pretty androgynous and sophisticated.  Miami is sweet with the note of grapefruit coming through, and I haven't quite been able to pin point what it is about East Hampton but it's classy and light.  They hand make these babies in small batches up in Brooklyn with ingredients from all over the world.  They even make little on the go wipes which is such a great idea! I wish all perfumes had this option.  I know I might be a bit biased but Washington, DC is my favorite of the three I've sampled.  While I did receive these as a courtesy from the company, I would not have posted about them if I didn't think this idea was totally awesome and actually enjoyed the scents.  A full size bottle will run you upwards of $110 buck-o-roonies but it's totally worth it just for the fun factor when someones asks what you're wearing to reply "oh, that?  It's Washington, D.C., bitches!"


  1. Do they make Boston? I hope it smells like Harvard Square rather than Dorchester. #bostonjokesthatnobodywillgetbutme

  2. What an awesome idea!


  3. I need to try this! I am you newest follower by the way :)

  4. haha that is sooo awesome...although i fear what some cities may smell like lol

  5. They are so cute! I'd love to smell them, they sound amazing. I love the idea of making on the go wipes


  6. this is such a cool idea! do they have a new york scent? xo

  7. WHAT?! this just blew my mind!! I'm off to check them out!! thanks! xoxo, lyndsey


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