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January 16, 2013


You can now shop previously loved items from my closet here. I'd love your feedback, so let me know what items you like, which ones you don't, what you think of the prices, and what you'd like to see more of. I have piles of stuff I'm thinking of putting up there but thought I'd put a handful of things up for now to test the waters.  Thanks, guys!


  1. That floral dress is so pretty!


  2. Oh I LOVE the dresses! I think you did a really nice job with the layout! :)

  3. Have you heard of Poshmark? It's an iphone only app where you can buy and sell women's clothing. By the looks of your closet you would do very well there :) I've purchased and sold lots of stuff. Great way to make some extra cash while cleaning out your closet!

  4. Wish you were a size 8 shoe - I would snag up those pink heels SO fast!

  5. I just love that pink shoes and floral dress. I hope you have a pretty good selection in dress.


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