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March 6, 2013


Okay so in case you haven't heard of this crazy giant blogger game going around I will sum it up for ya. Someone tags you in their five things post then you do one and tag some more people. Comprende? Good. The lovely Jessica tagged me in her post and we have been granted a snow day here in DC so I'm playing along!  I found it surprisingly difficult to come up with five interesting (using that term loosely here) facts about myself so here are some...useless random things you now know about me. Hooray.

1. I have never dyed my hair before.  Not a once. I feel strongly that I'd look gothic if I went darker and lighter just isn't an option with my skin tone.  Now that I am sprouting white hairs in the front of my hair (omgeee scary nervous breakdown status) I don't know what to doooo! HELP!

2. Tears gross me out. Especially other peoples. I discovered this when I became a nanny right out of college for a year or two. Something about eyeball liquid spewing out of your face = barf. I'm going to probably suck at consoling my future children.

3. I have a Jalapeno chip addiction. Not like "omg I love jalapeno chips..." more like I can't have them anymore because once I have a bag, I need a bag EVERY DAY sometimes twice a day to get my fix.  It's disgusting. I can name all of my favorite brands in order of deliciousness (Dirty/Mrs. Vikkis are tied for the best - Cape Cod is the worst and there are too many in between to list here).  I have an internal struggle every time I checkout with my lunch sandwich and see them in the impulse buy section...I need counseling.

4. All my friends tell me I do really great spot on impressions of people. It's my weird hidden talent.

5. When I was a kid it was my goal to discover/invent a new color.  I would always be looking in hidden nooks, crannies, places around the yard, and basically every where I went in search of this new uncharted color territory. Obviously I came up empty handed.

I tag Dina, Jenna, Annie, Nikki, and Ashley. You can totally choose not to participate and I wont be offended :)


  1. Haha I kind of love that tears gross you out...so random, but SO funny. And we're impression twins–I'm always told I do great ones too! My signature impression is Julia Child or Lena Dunham. I know, so random.

    The Glossy Life

  2. HEY YOU TAGGED ME! That's exciting... Wait I'm dying over all of this - the tear thing is soooo funny, you'd hate me as a friend. I cry a lot. Also, inventing a new color... ahahahahhaha. I can't wait to do this!!

  3. OK- #1 is 100% me too! NEVER dyed my hair - don't want to - but I'm getting greys EVERYWHERE! And I'm freaking out seeing them, and the thought of dying my hair and having to keep up with it. Idk what to do either!


  4. I don't know if you have a Lenny's sub shop franchise where you live, but their jalapeno chips are AMAZING!!! Sooooo yummy!

  5. Oh my gosh... I did the exact same thing! I was totally sure there were undiscovered colors out in the world. It was my mission to find them. Ha.

  6. Haha I love number 5. So cute!

    And I have the same addiction issue I have noticed with diet soda.


  7. I love that you can do impressions! haha, thanks for the tag :)
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  8. that is so random about tears, haha :)

  9. Er, I've cried in front of you like 100 times! I had no idea that grossed you out lol!! And yes, you can do the best impressions, which have provided me with endless entertainment.

    bestie of 9 years!

  10. this is so fun! & you have NEVER dyed your hair before? seriously, crazy! & that would be so fun to discover a color! loved learning some new fun facts about you! xo

  11. Fun!
    My husband LOVES Jalepeno chips too. I think they're addicting!
    Also--I too have a couple white hairs--HEEEELP!--that are around my forehead. It must be the dang middle school kids I teach every day.

  12. Yay so happy to hear about your five things! I recently just de-virginized my hair by going from brown to auburn & while I love the change, holy-cannoli hair appointment commitment... I used to go to the salon twice a year, now I go every other month! You have gorgeous hair, so maybe you are just meant to be a hair dye virgin!!


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