..Four Favorites

January 29, 2014


1. This is a very intense list of wedding prep charts that seem pretty on point.  To all my engaged ladies out there or for ladies who will be attending a wedding they have questions about...this list is for you.  Love me a good diagram.

2. This video on the distribution of wealth in the US was pretty eye opening/scary. I definitely was in the group of what you "think" it is.

3. Hilarious video of men trying to guess how much girl products cost. The part where the one guy guesses women go through about two bras a month had me laughing.

4. Nine DIY at home fancy pants coffee drink recipes. I need to cut back on my Starbucks spending and this seems like a great way to do it.


  1. Love! Love! Please check out my Giveaway featured on my blog today, we are giving away some super cute gifties for V-day!


  2. I watched that #2 video awhile ago and it made my brain spin. I was just talking about it again yesterday. So eye-opening and definitely scary!


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