January 23, 2014

The deets: Max Studio leggings (similar); Express top; DV Dolce Vita heels; Chloe & Isabel earrings; Elizabeth and James sunnies; Piperlime clutch (old).

There is something very nineties grunge about this outfit that I didn't really see before. How embarrassing, I slightly resemble a Nirvana groupie. Anyway...these leggings are very comfy and have become my go to for outfits on the fly. I wear them with flats and boots and now heels. I tell myself the zipper on the side makes them fancy enough to wear like real pants even though they are leggings and feel like workout clothes (ahem..please let me continue believing this). Oh, and I know my nails are naked but I recently had a very serious relapse into nail biting and polish seems to just highlight the destruction I have done so I'm going bare for a while. You can always tell exactly how stressed out I am by the condition of my complexion and nails, sigh


  1. That top is amazing!!! Love how you paired it with the leggings! Cute!

  2. those shoes are to die for! though this must be from before the "polar vortex" hit DC

  3. LOL!! It's so not a Nirvana groupie look...I love it...it's edgy and fun! And I am the same way...stress equals nail biting and zits!! BOO!

  4. This is such a great look! I totally pick at my nails too when I am overwhelmed!


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