..Valentine's Day Wish List

February 7, 2014

..Valentine's Day Wish List

1. Candles: My three favorite candles at Bath & Body Works are currently "Mahogany Teakwood," which smells like a deliciously clean man but not too over powering, "Lilac Blossoms," which is floral and amazing, and "Honeysuckle Bouquet" because it reminds me of playing in my backyard in the summer as a child. The yard was lined with these bushes and we would always pluck the flowers centers out to taste the little drop of "honey" on the inside.

2. Jewelry: Love this little gold monogram everyday bracelet, you can't really go wrong with a monogram gift, ever. I also really like these dainty little heart earrings which are under $20!

3. Flowers: Good old fashioned flowers always make the perfect gift in my opinion. You show up with peonies, my heart melts.

4. Quirky: Really digging these kitschy little retro gold cat-eye sunnies for when the temps warm up. Although I'm sure the BF would disagree.

5. Home: Cutest little jewelry box from Target that is just my style and under %15!

6. Fragrance: I really want this Peony & Blush Suede Jo Malone perfume. As soon as the one I currently use runs out, this is the new scent!


  1. I made a wish list too- plus some gift ideas for guys! http://bit.ly/1dCvAY4


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