..Birthday Skirt

June 16, 2014

The deets: TopShop skirt; Nordstrom top; Michael Antonio heels (under $25!); Claire's sunnies; Gigee Marie clutch; bracelets gifted & ShopEsra (c/o); Michael Kors watch.

I am feeling so much love this year as I turn 28. I especially need to give a shout out to the internet as it and social media have really taken birthdays to the next level. I honestly take every card, phone call, text, or comment to heart and appreciate it so much. I always say that I can't recall a single non sunny birthday form my entire life (see last year and the year before). I think that is partially because June is a great month for weather and also because the amount offe love sent my way makes it impossible for my my world to be anything but bright. Thank you all for being so awesome, you know who you are!

Friday night I went to dinner with Mike at the place we go almost every year because I'm big on traditions, and Saturday I had a fun boozy brunch at Fuego with my girls because nothing makes me happier than tacos and tequila. To switch things up, as I am much more comfortable giving than receiving, I popped by the restaurant a little early to leave presents for everyone who came. It wasn't anything big, just a little makeup bag filled with glittery polish, chocolate, and a pair of colorful sunnies. They were such a hit and looked so adorable on everyone. Aren't they just the cutest? I am so lucky.



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xx E.