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July 3, 2014

So is it me or when you enter your mid to late twenties does everyone all of the sudden need a fully stocked wine rack? Call it adulthood, call it my inner wino emerging, but I would much rather enjoy a glass or two of malbec on my couch while hitting up my DVR over downing dollar beers at my local watering hole on a Thursday night (I used to have a very love-hate relationship with Friday mornings let me tell you). That paired with my love of semi-fancy things means that joining a wine club is the obvious next step in the evolution of my established adult-ness. I just always seem to need to run out to grab a bottle of wine for something, girls nights, house warming parties, birthdays, brunches, etc., and because I am not super educated on all the different types of wine out there, and you can't exactly go "tasting" at Harris Teeter, I always end up with the same few safe kinds (a.k.a. champs or pinot grigio).

Bright Cellars is basically the Birchbox for wine lovers. It was founded by two MIT-grads that wanted to help people find hidden vino gems that they totally love but wouldn't necessarily have reached for otherwise. You start by taking a quiz that helps them create a profile of taste preferences. They then use an algorithm (yeah - I just said algorithm, science y'all) to match you up with a monthly box of four different wines!

I have to say I am three bottles in to my month and I have LOVED each one. The Portuguese red they sent was absolutely amazing. Who knew I enjoyed smokey notes? THEY DID. Trust me, it's science. You can see my quiz results below.

BONUS: You can get 50% off your first month (regularly $60 a month) if you subscribe by using this link

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