..The Best Lash-Liner Duo Ever!

July 28, 2014


You guys, Benefit's "They're Real!" Mascara was already one of my favorite beauty products known to man. When they came out with a "They're Real!" Push-Up Gel Liner that makes doing a  perfect cat-eye a piece of cake, I HAD to have it (like I went on the pre-order wait list you guys). Needless to say, it's now also one of my favorite things, especially when paired with the mascara. Sexy kitteny lashtastic eyes in a snap.

The only down side is this ish basically gets tattooed onto your face so be prepared to use a bunch of remover before washing it off. See me going from zero eye makeup to just adding these two products and what a difference it makes, no shadow or anything! Go out and give them a try.



  1. I love both of these products! The They're Real! mascara is fabulous and I'm loving the push-up liner!

  2. I am totally with you on this one! (I just saw Benefit makes a They're Real! eye makeup remover, too, which I might try! Otherwise, coconut oil works wonders!)


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