..Beach Trip Essentials

August 12, 2014

..Beach Trip Essentials
I am heading off to the beach tomorrow for a besties bachelorette and much needed long weekend vacation. I have shared with you in the past what my top ten beach essentials are but have since grown up a little and switched up some of my favorite things/products so I figured it would be a good time to do an updated post about it. 

1. A fun and flattering beach cover-up. I found this Nanette Lepore one on sale and it feels like a dream and makes me feel good in my skin which is very important.

2. One place that I do NOT want burned cracked skin that doesn't always get as much attention as the rest of my body is my lips - not cute. This Fresh Sugar SPF 15 untinted lip treatment is great! It doesn't taste like SPF and keeps my lips happy.

3. I recently invested in this scent because it is a beautiful scenic walk along the ocean at sunset for your senses. It instantly transports me to somewhere tropical. Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance is oceany but also still sophisticated and womanly - perfection!

4. This Hawaiian Tropic SPF 8 Protective Tanning Lotion is my go to, no oily residue, simple & effective.

5. If ever there is a time to let your wild locks be their little wild selves, set them free at the beach. Just tame them a bit with some nourishing Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

6. Heels and deck boards are not your friend, especially after a few orange crushes, so packing them doesn't make sense (I learned this the very hard, very bloodied toe way). Cute flats and maybe a wedge or two are really all you need.  I love these Steve Madden ones because they have just a little edge.

7. I love this Ralph Lauren Tote. It's not necessarily supposed to be a beach bag, but the bright orange polyurethane interior and cutout details kind of scream sand friendly to me!

8. For whatever reason, I tend to tire of the sun on my face before anywhere else, so keeping a cute J.Crew Panama Hat around is always a good idea.

9. Cheap designer-esque sunnies for under ten bucks are exactly what I like for the sandy, lotion-y, might-fall-off-into-the-ocean-y type of beach trips. If I can't bare the thought f ruining/losing them - they aren't coming down to the water with me.


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