..Four Favorites: Creative Index Print Shop

November 12, 2014


So remember how my blog layout went from zero to fabulous last year? Well it's all because of the very talented graphic designer I went with, Jessica, of Creative Index. Not only is she so good at beautifying your webspace (check out this gorgeous one she recently did for a fellow DC area blogger, Ally Cog), she's also the sweetest person ever and recently opened up an online shop where you can buy her gorgeous goodies! Above are four of my favorite things you can find at the Creative Index Print Shop, the animal lover in me just could't resist that kitty nose mug. Hello Christmas ideas.


  1. I was scrolling through my blog feed and just saw this! Blushing over here! Thanks for the love, girlfriend! xo

  2. I mean I obviously need that cat mug...

  3. Her stuff is gorgeous!!! I love the kitty mug and the crazy dog lady pillow!


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