..The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

November 21, 2014

Wrapped above: Victoria's Secret robe; Kate Spade (similar) earrings & necklace; J.Crew makeup bag; Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit.

I know I am always talking up my friends up on here but I can't help it you guys. They are the bomb.com. Now this is not to say I haven't had other AMAZING bridesmaid gifts this year because I have, I even wore the bling I got in the last wedding as my accessories to this one! The thing is I just so happened to get a gorgeous photo of what an amazing wrap job my friend did and just had to share on here. She killed it right? The bottom box contains a cute navy blue silk kimono (last seen here), the tulle wrapped circular boxes contain Kate Spade earrings and a matching necklace, there is a fabulous J.Crew makeup bag poking out of the back and a glittery Minimergency Kit (which is the best thing ever, I usually keep one in my bag). See below for very similar items you could use to recreate it.

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