..Four Favorites

January 21, 2015


1. How cute are these Kate Spade "Dear Valentine" studs? They come in pink too! I am a sucker for anything heart shaped.

2. Really like this article on updating your makeup bag on any budget. There were some things on each of the four budget lists that I really want to try out now.

3. About that heart shaped sucker thing I spoke of, this is such an easy and adorable way to bring a semi-homemade v-day theme to those boxed brownies (or from scratch for you over-achievers out there).

4. This ap has changed my city girl life. Gone are the days of waiting in the awkward cigarette customer service line for quarters, which they will only ration out in 10 dollar amounts per trip, walking down to the creepy basement area of my apartment building, and then going up and down the stairs twelve times because I am horrible at correctly timing my wash cycles. Thank you laundry gods for brining Washio into my life. It's like Uber for your dirty laundry! Also you can get $10 off with code: haberman75190mv55.

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