..Winter Florals?

January 13, 2015

The deets: Piperlime dress (similar print, other floral dresses); Nordstrom hat (similar); Ray-ban sunnies; J.Crew blazer, boots, earrings & tassel necklace (similar); Lancome "Violette Coquette" lipstick; Balenciaga bag.

It dawned on me today somewhere between my morning metro ride and the delicious asiago bagel that a snagged from the office kitchen this morning: I've set quite a large set of imaginary rules for myself that I don't like following and most definitely don't need. For example, why do I HAVE to put away my white blazer and floral dress during the winter months? And why am I so reluctant to rock my leather midi to the office? Is Anna Wintour going to personally issue me some kind of fashion citation on the street? No. Might the sartorial punishment come in the form of serious side eye and snickers from random lookers-on? Maybe. Do I care enough to let it change my behavior? NOPE. Winter florals. It's a thing now because, well, I said so. THERE. You guys get me.

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  1. YAY! So I can wear my leather shift skirt to work, right?


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