..Four Favorites

February 19, 2015


1. As you know, I have already converted to Washio for my laundry which is the most amazing app in the world. I now also use Instacart to have my groceries delivered! While I do have a Harris Teeter close it's nice to be able to have Whole Foods products I love delivered right to my door. I am a true city girl now.

2. I am on a health kick. I got a trainer so I obviously needed new kicks to go with. Right?

3. How genius is this makeup brush drying rack? I always use a little J&J baby shampoo to wash mine and have to figure out weird ways to get them vertical for drying. This is a game changer!

4. Invisibilia is my new favorite podcast. It explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. I always feel smarter after listening.


  1. That drying rack is amazing! I never want to wash my brushes because drying them is such a pain but that rack is a game changer!

    XO, Nicole
    a dash of gold

  2. I need those kicks too! Maybe it could inspire my health kick!


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