..Five Ways to Dress Your 'Maids

March 24, 2015

Spring is here and with that comes the annual onslaught of welcome wedding frenzy. Gowns are being altered, color pallets have been chosen, and your pinterest boards are so organized they make the container store look slovenly. This usually means it's time to pick bridesmaid dresses. In the event that anyone out there is also experiencing this, here are some fabulous examples from my personal experience of ways to dress your maids. I love the selection of bridesmaid dresses at Shopbop (and their Wedding Boutique in general is fabulous), J.Crew, and BHLDN.

1. The traditional approach where all bridesmaids/MOH are rocking the same dress.

2. All your bridesmaids in the same dress, and your MOH standing out in a different shade & shape.

3. All your bridesmaids in one color but different styles, with one style reserved for the MOH.

4. All your bridemaids in the same dress, tied up different ways.
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5. Picking one color for your bridesmaids, and one for your MOH and letting them pick their own.

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  1. Some fantastic options. You look fantastic in all of these! I'm getting married abroad in September with just my sister as my MOH. I told her she could wear whatever she likes, just easier that way.


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