..Four Favorites

June 17, 2015


1. A dear friend wrapped my birthday present in this adorable wrapping paper and it really made my day! I'm such a cat lady and proud of it at this point. They know they way to my heart.

2.  I have been AGONIZING over finding the perfect pair of tortoise sunnies and am not sure if I have found them (send help) but ended up ordering these because they seemed like a cute enough option for me until I can make an investment in a nicer pair.

3. I really related to this article. I also have not owned a full length mirror (or had one in my apt) for two years now.

4. This video of baby goats frolicking about in their little jammies is just EVERYTHING! I will watch it a million times. It fills me with joy and all the feels. #dead.

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  1. can't wait to hear how your sunglasses turn out - love that pair you ordered!

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