..The Best Charleston Bachelorette Goody Bags

July 22, 2015

The deets: Custom tote bags by Sixpence Press; T+C scarves; Customized Girl tanks; Knox Thomas Designs coordinates bracelets; Jenna Hipp polish.

At this point in my life, I would consider myself a bachelorette party connoisseur. I have previously featured beachy goody-buckets, & gift totes (see all my wedding related content here), now I bring you the cutest Charelston themed bachelorette party favors ever. An amazing group of ladies really came together to make these totes the shiz. 

The bags and scarves worked great for our trip to Sullivan's Island, you can tie up the scarf a hundred different ways and actually use it as a cute cover-up, which we all did (and it also made for a pretty picture). The tanks were designed at Customized Girl (they make it so easy to really choose every detail you want) with her wedding hashtag #CaughtHerAColleran and were very light and breathable fabric which was perfect for the Charleston heat. We wore them wine tasting at Social Wine Bar on the last evening out together. The bracelets were customized by Knox Thomas Designs with the coordinates of everyone's hometown & their initials are stamped on the inside. I think they make really great mementos that you can actually incorporate into your everyday jewelry, aka the best bachelorette gifts! We also stuffed the essential Advil packets, cliff bars, gum, mints, nail polish & EOS lip balms in there which came in handy for hangovers, etc. I know I am biased but I think we killed it! 

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