..An Unintentional Break

September 3, 2015


I am alive! I swear. Mostly. I didn't mean to go radio silent on the blog this week but alas, it is what happened due to...life. I fully intended to photograph my outfit from the most glamorous wedding I have ever attended in my life but with the chaos of moving in the same weekend it just didn't happen (see how much blogging you can get done while moving with a full on wedding hangover - I double dare you). I looked great though, trust me. I actually re-wore a bridesmaid dress -- SAY WHAT? Yes. I may be the first in to ever actually make good on the ye olde proverb "you can totally wear it again." This one to be exact. It worked out well and saved me a few bucks. I highly suggest trying it out. The bride, decor, food, and entertainment were just perfection. 

So to recap here - I've gotten engaged, wedding-ed, & moved all in one week so shiz was cray. I can't wait to show you some after photos when I have settled into my new place (which wont be for a while) but for now, here are some befores. I promise I will be back next week with some new posts!

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