..AOL Fall Beauty Winners: Nail Polish

November 1, 2015

Last month I was lucky enough to be selected as a judge for AOL’s Beauty Awards, the nail polish category specifically, and I got to test out like a million awesome products for the following categories: red polishes, top coats, nude polishes, and nail treatments. It was super fun to go a little crazy pampering my fingers for a couple weeks. Below are my favorite pick from each group.

Top Coat: Seche Vite. I have been using this top coat for years ever since I discovered it while working at ULTA when I was 16 (my love for beauty products runs deep).  Its just the best. Drys fast and finishes super glossy.

Red: China Glaze "Salsa." It's the perfect true red that has just the right amount of brightness and pop. I also love the formula it paints on really easy.

Nail Treatment: CND Rescuerxx Daily Keratin Treatment. It was like the oil treatment I put in my damp hair, only for my nail beds. I didn't know I needed it until I tried it. Bye icky cracked cuticles!

Nude: Mischo Beauty "The Tents." Great grippy polish top for easy application and the peachy pink color ended up being the perfect nude for my personal skin tone. This was a "new to me" brand and I was very impressed with it.

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