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May 11, 2016


I am going to get very honest right now. When I was tapped to do a review of these hair extensions, I initially was apprehensive. I hadn't ever tried any version of them before and my feelings on extensions weren't great due to a particularly bad experience my little sister had with the kind that is bonded to your hair in really small pieces (I tried to google the right term but apparently there are way more varieties of extensions than I even thought, sorry - just don't do that kind). When she had them taken out she lost 75% of her hair from breakage and ripping, HORRIFYING! She is still trying to regrow her hair evenly. I also feel like I can always tell when someone is using fake hair bc it either looks unnatural or the shorter hair mixed in isn't as seamlessly hidden as I would want if they were on me, or both. I am also really picky and I don't like upkeep so just never thought they'd jive with me. 

As averse the the idea as I was, I'm still a true beauty junkie at heart and I was obviously intrigued.  I asked some friends what they'd think of me giving them a try and it seemed to spark their interest as well so I said said yes to the opportunity!

First of all, the Irresistible Me hair extensions are beautiful and soft and feel nicer than my own natural hair. I was actually so surprised with the quality! They send 200 grams in the pack but I only had to use the one main strip which is about half the weight, the rest come in shorter strips you can place all over. Because my hair is already pretty long, it was so great to be able to control how much product went in my head. I love that you can adjust how much you want to use. I have ombre hair so I matched to the color on the bottom which was #10 Ash Blonde in the 20 inch length. I also curled the strip so it would blend in better with my waved hair, they come straight.

I honestly loved it! It was SO easy to put in as you can see below I did it without a mirror at all.  It looked so natural and normal, and it doesn't require any commitment or hair damage. Basically, in my mind, they are like makeup for your hair. I can apply them when I want to look extra glam but don't have to wear them to the office. You can bet your bottom dollar that these will be coming with me on my trip to Vegas in June so I can be the most glam kitten version of myself. HECK YES. I took them for a spin around the apartment and then across the street to get coffee and I swear my boyfriend was looking at me like I looked just the tiniest bit tastier. I felt like a real land mermaid strutting across that crosswalk to the cafe. Who doesn't want to be a land mermaid? No one.

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