..Four Favorites

June 8, 2016


1. I locked eyes with this iridescent tasseled unicorn of a clutch and resisted my every instinct to buy it because planning a wedding is expensive and leaves little room for unicorn clutches. Sad face. Welp, my birthday is this month and I totally forgot about BIRTHDAY COUPS! I went back and got her for 25% off to bring to Vegas on my bachelorette this weekend!

2. For all the Arlington readers (because there are like, soo many of you..) this super posh little nail salon called "Coatroom" (cheeky) just opened across from my building and I am very excited to try it out this week. They have copper details, luxe brands like Butter London and Deborah Lippmann, modern decor, and a sign outside that says "99 PROBLEMS BUT MY NAILS ARE DONE." Is that a Jay-Z reference, because YAAS! 

3. So I am the loser that didn't know how to get cool those colors on my snapchat so I googled it. I can't be the only person out there that needs a tutorial, turns out it's really easy - this guide is helpful.

4. Very into the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I have "Lovesick" and "Bachelorette" and they haven't disappointed yet! Great formulas.

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