..How I Transformed My Apartment's Outdoor Space for Under $500

May 23, 2017


So it only took me 1.5 years and a nudge from one of my bests but I finally got my act together and decided to make use of my huge terrace area. As a renter, this kind of space is unheard of. Normally you get a "balcony" that has about as much use as a wet match in the dark if you know what I mean. Our last one wasn't even wide enough for one chair let alone a whole table so this is a REAL luxury, especially in Arlington, VA. We also like to let Alba, our pup, roam around while we eat dinner out there. It's a game changer. ANYWAY, the point of this post is to share how I did the entire thing for under $500 without having to sacrifice style. Those "all in one" sets that fall in the price range I was looking for just weren't what I had envisioned so I decided to take it seriously and get a plan going. I talked recently on how I do not like to invest a lot in apartment pieces because they are so tailored to a space you might move from in this post. My same top five rules apply here. I got it in my head I wouldn't go a cent over $500 and I stuck to it. You may think that isn't that cheap but considering one single chair can run you over half that cost I think I have achieved something special here. I basically added a extremely usable and practical additional room to our apartment! We already had the plates, utensils, napkin rings, and glasses from our wedding registry but everything else is new.

Table: $79
Rug: $60
4 Chairs: $165 ($41 each)
Leaf napkins: $25
String lights: $35
Tree: $50
Light holders: $19
Basket: $35
Planter: $15
Grand total: $485
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