..My First Dinner Out With Baby

October 8, 2018

The deets: ASOS dress; Sam Edelman heels; Alexander Wang bag (similar, similar under $27); James Michelle necklace.

This is the outfit I wore on my first attempt to meet friends out for dinner with the baby. It's another one of my pregnancy purchases that I saved for after labor. Since it looked basically like a potato sack with a belt I knew it would be perfect to have in my closet for a still changing body. These were taken when Isla was 17 days old. I know it's like October now and it's all about Fall attire and this is a white linen dress so I apologize for being super off season but these days I'm super slow at posting since I have to  really work to find the time.

The friends we were meeting for dinner also have a sweet little one year old that they brought along so there wasn't any pressure to seem like we had it all together  since they already know the deal -which was nice. Also the restaurant they picked was in our building so there was literally a top notch escape plan if needed. It all went pretty well until the end when my husband ended up having to change her diaper on a bathroom floor (us newbies didn't realize not all mens bathrooms have changing tables - we need to start some kind of feminist movement for this #dadsdodiaperstoo) and I didn't bring along enough pumped milk to satiate her in the last fifteen or so minutes so she had a full meltdown in the restaurant but luckily by that point everyone had at least eaten their meals and the check was en route. Over all it was a good learning experience and mama got to have her first postpartum margarita! 

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