..Casual Leopard Print

November 20, 2018


I know, I know. Another maternity/nursing dress but hey, such is my life right now! Gotta have access to the milk makers and this dress does just that. I've worn it so many times and it's so nice to have in my closet for those days I want to feel fall-y but also comfortable enough to chill on the couch in because it feels like a t-shirt (let's be honest that's mostly what I do these days since I'm still on my maternity leave). Now let me talk about these booties...you probably clicked the link and were like WTF homegirl I would not pay $550 for black suede booties even if I were tripping on acid. I get it. They were a Poshmark score! I nabbed them for under $150! Love that app almost as much as I love my child, definitely as much as I love my husband.

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