Interested in working with Currently Coveting? Below are just a few simple ways we can get started. You can see where else I have been featured here. A media kit is available upon request.

Product Reviews: I'd love to let my readers know what I think of your products or style them up in one of my outfit of the day posts. Items provided for review/styling will not be returned but I will always link back to your product when it is featured. Your product will always be posted via my blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Giveaways: I am always so happy to host a giveaway! Showering my readers with free stuff is my favorite thing to do, especially after I have showcased how great your products are.

Ads: I strive for a clean space where the content is what’s most important and try to protect my readers from feeling inundated when they spend time on my site.  That being said, I currently only offer limited spaces on a case by case basis.  Please e-mail me for availability. 


Any and all businesses, bloggers, and the like are welcome to inquire about working with Currently Coveting. I will consider each and every inquiry but will only accept those collaborations that are a natural fit for my personal style and interests and those of my readers.

The integrity of my blog, and relationship with my readers is most important to me, so please be mindful that although I do occasionally receive vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services from time to time, all reviews and opinions are my own and I will never ever share the information left on my blog (names, emails, etc.) with a third party unless I explicitly state so (e.g., for contacting giveaway winners).

Any product I receive free of charge will be disclosed with a "c/o" or "courtesy of."

Images found on my blog may be used as long as they are accompanied with a link back to my blog ( as all my personal images are copyrighted.

Please contact me at for any other questions or concerns.

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